Looking for Excellent Customer Service?

Are you excited to work with a Local Greenville TX Roofer that knows what they’re doing? One that can provide you excellent service at a reliable rate? Are you looking for someone that’s been doing this for over 15 years now? A company who consistently provides remarkable service as the best roofer you can hire in Greenville TX? What criteria would it take for you to choose a Local Greenville TX Roofer?  What is the kind of company you would want to do business with?  We want you to look for a company that’s had high ratings all over. A good company can do a tremendous job in being able to deliver on their qualifications. Working with Roofing and Siding Smiths for all your project needs will surpass your expectations. It’s time for you to give them a call at 903-456-9956 today. 

Here’s how our company will surpass the rest. For one thing, every time we leave our customers home, you can expect that we clean up our mess. Roofing and Siding Smiths uses specialized magnets to make sure no damaging material is left behind. As shocking as it seems, we hear stories about contractors who leave a project worse than how they found it. Throughout a project we take pride in taking care of the home, keeping our work areas clean. We never leave a big mess that others just leave either in your home or out on your lawn. As a company, we want our work to reflect our good name and our work ethic.

Work with a company that cares for your property.

We want you to work with a Local Greenville Tx Roofer that actually cares for your property. At Roofing and Siding Smiths, we recommend you review our over 295 five-star Google reviews that really showcase how awesome our company is. Another area of expertise is that our pricing just makes sense. We do not do a “SURPRISE” balance at the end. Our pricing is fair for the work that we do. IF there is an issue that arises, we will always bring it to you first and let you know all the available options. We will never dramatically raise that price once the contract has been signed.

We are very transparent and know that if we were to give you price at the front end, you’d want to make sure that that is the price going forward. Our Local Greenville Tx Roofer sales team will always be dedicated to providing you with the most accurate and up to date pricing. We verify weekly all necessary prices of materials, so we know we are providing the customer with an accurate estimate.

A Local Greenville Tx Roofer who communicates is important!

Roofing and Siding Smiths’ office staff is also dedicated in communicating any changes that may come up during the course of working with us. When it comes to your specific consultation time, this Local Greenville Tx Roofer team will remain dedicated to showing up on time and answer any questions you may have. We at Roofing and Siding Smiths want our customers to be informedso that they can really make an educated decision. We continue to do follow-ups as well as reach out to the customer on the estimate progress, so that you know when your estimate will arrive. Once again, we want to make sure you’re not stuck making any decisions that you don’t feel are worthwhile for your project.

If you want a dedicated sales team, excellent customer service and exemplary craftsmanship, then just give this Local Greenville Tx Roofer a call today and you will really enjoy working with a company that is dedicated to YOU.