If you notice that the shape of your roof has been deteriorating or there is storm or wind damage or you notice a leak coming from the roofing rockwall texas it might be time to have your roofing rockwall texas looked at by our estimators here at roofing and siding smiths, your roofing rockwall texas contractors. With the recent storms and crazy weather we have been experiencing lately it is never a bad idea to have our company come out and do an assessment for any damage, and if we find damage we would be more than happy to draw up an estimate for you to think about for repairs or replacement, if it is found that there is damage we will work closely with your insurance company to make this as easy as possible on you to get your roof covered and replaced by insurance at little to no cost to you as the homeowner. If you have questions about insurance and what they will and will not cover on your claim of if you feel that they did not cover enough or as much as they should you can always call out office at 903-456-9956 to inquire about anything with insurance or talk to our estimators about any concerns you might have regarding insurance.
When inquiring about assessing for storm damage we always prefer that we come to the house to assess the damage in person as it might be more difficult for our estimators to assess the extent of damage if they are not able to see the damage in person, so we are not able to do an estimate through google earth, any form of satellite pictures, or pictures taken of the roof, or any other form that would be other than seeing the home and damage in person, if you have made a claim on your roofing rockwall texas with your insurance and they have already sent out an adjuster and they have written up a report for the damage on the roofing rockwall texas we can sometimes take a look at that report and get a good idea of what is damaged and what is and is not being covered by the insurance, but even when this information is provided we still like to go out to the house to make sure they assessed the damage correctly and did not miss any key parts of the damage.

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Depending on what kind of project you are starting we will often ask for a deposit for the work, this deposit is generally a fifty percent deposit unless otherwise stated or specified by the salesmen or estimator, with roofing, siding, and window project we always require a deposit since these projects are usually higher priced, but when it comes to gutter jobs we usually do not require a deposit unless the project is over a certain amount, but since gutter jobs are generally on the lower scale of price we typically do not require a deposit. Our invoices are sent electronically through Square Up where you can pay with a credit or debit card, we can also take your credit or debit card information over the phone and pay that way, or we also take cash or checks as long as the check is made out to siding smiths. If you are having your roofing rockwall texas project paid for by insurance we also will send your insurance claims manager a copy of the invoice once the work is complete so you do not have to worry about that, we will take care of that, after they receive the invoice they will then send out the final check or depreciation check to complete payment and finalize everything with the job.
We have amazing customer service, we always return phone calls, emails, texts, and messages on any of our advertising sites as soon as possible to help you get the answers, services, or help you are reaching out to us for, we are open from eight in the morning to five in the evening, with a break from 12 to one for lunch, any messages left for us after business hours will be returned as early as possible on the next business day, if you have more of an emergency situation you can use the option to speak with the project manager, otherwise we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.
When calling our office to set up an appointment to have your roofing rockwall texas looked at, or siding, windows, or gutters we always make sure we set a firm day and time that works with your schedule so you know when we are coming and we can meet with you to talk about any questions and details our sales team has as well as any questions you as the homeowner might have about their future project whether it be about the materials, price, labor, or anything else you might think of.
When our sales men give you an estimate on your future home project we always make sure we give you a firm price that will not change unless you as the homeowner decide to upgrade to better or more expensive material or there is an addition to the scope of work you want done, but we will never change the price without it being authorized by you, we know it can be frustrating and annoying when the price of your project is constantly changing and the company is always asking for more money but roofing and siding smiths is noy like other companies who do that, we only ask for a deposit and the finally payment at the end of the job.
We have over one hundred and seventy five google reviews that re five star ratings of our previous customers detailing what they loved about our company and the work we do and why they would recommend us to their friends and family. Please call our office at 903-456-9956 or visit our website at www.roofingandsidingmsiths.com, and please visit our google reviews