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The biggest and most important part of being an office administrator is keeping track of everything and making sure all the details are correct and all the information is correct. We use a google spreadsheet to track all of our information regarding estimates or leads and our jobs. By using an excel spreadsheet everyone in our company can see what part of the process that specific job or lead is in and we are all on the same page with that customer information, by using a google spreadsheet we can all edit the information and add new things that other might not know, this keeps us the most updated on the customer and where they are in the customer process, so anyone can call the customer and talk to them about their project, we track the status of the customer with pending until they sign the contract which gets to be moved to the job tracker, we track the job details, what work they are looking to have done and any and all details they have told us about their problem they are having so we know every aspect of their work needing to be done, we ask if they have contacted other companies so we know if they are shopping around for the work, we ask about their ideal price point so we know ahead of time what their budget is and we can help them be within their budget from the first estimate appointment, we also ask if there is any storm damage to their roofing rockwall texas, siding, gutters, windows or whatever they are having looked at, this helps us determine for the potential of having an insurance claim on the work needed to be done, if there is storm damage or not we also ask if they have contacted their insurance company and if they had an adjuster appointment yet to assess their roofing rockwall texas, we like to be present at these meetings to make sure the adjuster is taking into consideration all the damage found to make sure your roofing rockwall texas is covered completely or mostly by insurance. We also note who is the lead or salesmen on this job so we know who is going to do the estimate, who is writing up the estimate and who is in charge of this customer, the next thing we track is the the next steps, this lets everyone know what is happening next with this customer and what needs to be done next, next we have their email and phone number so we have a way to contact them about their appointment and their estimate and anything else we might need to talk to them about. We also take their address so we know where their house is, lastly we note down where they heard about us whether it be google, homeadvisor, thumbtack, we did their neighbors roofing rockwall texas, a yard sign or go a card from our crew, this helps us know what advertising avenue is best for grabbing customers attention and getting us business.
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Within this spreadsheet we also color code the information so we know what stage of the process we are in with this customer, yellow means we are trying to contact the customer, light blue means we have an appointment for an estimate, purple means we have completed the estimate and we are in the process of sending out the estimate, dark blue means the proposal or estimate has been sent out to the customer and we are either waiting to hear back from them or we are going to call them about their estimate. Orange means we are waiting for the adjuster meeting to happen so we can work towards getting the status changed to pink which menas we are waiting to hear back from the insurance company as to if they are going to cover the roofing rockwall texas job, light green means they have signed the contract and are ready to move forwards with getting their roofing rockwall texas job completed and can be moved to the job tracker for a different set of details to be noted. Finally red means the customer has rejected out estimate or bid, for either going with a different company or they decided to not have the work done
We make sure our crews keep your home and our job sites as clean as possible, you should not have to go clean up your yard and driveway every day or be on the lookout for materials or tools that could damage your cars such as nails in the tires, or have to worry about any other hazards that could happen. As said before we make sure we keep appointments scheduled so you know when to expect us at your house and don’t have to worry about workingyourbusy life around waiting for an estimator who might show up and won’t give you more than thirty minute heads up, and we always call the morning of your appointment to confirm that your appointment time is still a good time with your schedule for us to come by and give you an estimate.
When we give you the estimate for your roof we make sure it is a firm bid that will not change unless it absolutely has to, we know how frustrating and annoying it can be forcontactors to not know how much your job will actually cost and continually ask for more and more money and have to worry about them cheating you for money. When we give the bid it is afinal price unless there are upgrades approved by the homeowner, which goes into our customer service and upfront, clear, constant communication, the only time we will ask for money is the deposit of fifty percent after the contract is signed, and the remaining balance after the job is finished to the satisfaction of of the customer.We also have lifetime material warranties on the materials we use for your roofing rockwall texas job and a 5 year labor warranty on the job we do.
This is important to homeowners because if anything were to happen to their roofs there is a warranty that would cover the damageWe have tons of google reviews that are 5 stars that tell why our customers love working with us and would recommend us to their friends and family