Hey everyone. I just wanted to talk a little bit today about the process that we go through for getting your new roofer Greenville Texas installed first, it will start with a point of contact, either that being you, calling us, putting your information on our website, which sends us an email, directing us to call you, or you requesting it at an estimate through our various platforms of advertisement that we use such as home advisor in Thumbtack. After the point of contact is established, we schedule an estimate at your most convenient time to have your roofer Greenville Texas inspected from there. Our estimators will take measurements and any information they need and send that into a platform that we use called builder trend. And from there, you will get an email of your roofer Greenville texts estimate, and we either await your call or reach out to you to see if you have any questions or concerns about your roofer Greenville Texas estimate.

From there, once your project is approved by you, we send your information to our project manager, to schedule installation. In order materials, after your installation is complete, we send the invoice to either you or your insurance, depending on how you would like to proceed with that. We know they’re getting insurance to cover your roofer is sometimes a difficult process, but here at roofing and siding Smith’s your roofer contractor. We do whatever we can to make this an easy process for you and everyone else involved. After your roofer has been installed for a few months. We’d like to schedule visits to make sure that there are no problems with your new roofer Greenville Texas, and that you do not have any questions or concerns.

So after talking briefly about the process that we go through towards getting you your new roofer installed, I wanted to go a little bit more in detail about how we track the progress of our customers, whether they be future customers or current customers that we are installing their roofer Greenville Texas. So we use a Google Excel document called Google sheets, and we have two documents that we use. One is our lead tracker and the other is our job tracker. Our lead tracker is where we track the progress of our customers that are leading up to having their installation of their new roofer.

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We have different color coding Labels to determine where they are in the process of getting their new roof installed. So, first off we have our yellow system, which tells us that the customer has been contacted after the customer has been contacted. We then change it to a light blue to let everyone know that they have an appointment set. Once their appointment is completed and our estimators have gone and done their measurements, The color changes to purple. Then we contact them to see if they would like to get their new roofer Greenville Texas, through their insurance. From there, the customer will set up an adjuster meeting, which is color coded to the orange. After all that is said and done, we then change the color to a different shade of blue to let everybody in this process know that the estimate has been complete.

At this point in the process, we reach out to the customer to see if they are going to accept their estimate. And if they say, yes, we color code them to green to let our project manager know that they are ready to go in the process and may move to the job tracker to receive a deposit, schedule a job in order materials.

So to go a little more in detail, what all we put on our lead tracker, we have the date service requested. So that is the date that they have called us, or reached out to us to set up an appointment, their name, the job details. This can include anything from what they’re looking for, any comments or questions they have or anything else that the estimators would need to know about this job. Then we have the next steps, which let us know what is next in the process to get their roofer Greenville Texas estimate sent out to the customer. We then have the customer give us an email so we can send them the roofer estimate, and any other notifications they may need.

We also ask for their phone numbers that we have a quick and easy way of contacting them to confirm appointments, reach out to them about their roofer Greenville Texas estimate, and answer any questions or concerns that we may have, or they may have, we then have their address so that we know what we’re going for our estimate. And then we always ask them how they hear about us, because it’s important for us to know what advertising platform is helping us generate the most leads. We then have a followup call slash text column, which is most helpful to me to help me track when I have called the customer last and how many times I’ve called them. And when the point of contact was last established.

We can’t wait to hear from you, please give us a call at (903)-456-9956 or visit our website www.roofingandsidingsmiths.com