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Hello there. It’s Zach, your favorite roofer Greenville Texas. And today I want to talk to you about estimates and I want to talk to you about the best time to do estimates, the best time to do your home exterior projects. Is one season better than another? Is there anything that you need to consider, as rain or sun or cold could cause problems for us? Could it potentially cause problems for you? And so as your roofer Greenville Texas, here at roofing and siding Smiths, we want to give you as much information as possible so that you can decide the right time to start your project.

Now, one thing that we at roofing and siding Smith as your roofer Greenville Texas like to consider is the fact that we want to work year round. So a lot of people think, Oh, we’re saving them the trouble of working in the heat or the cold. But as you know, the bills come due every month. And so as far as our comfort as your roofer Greenville Texas, we will make sure that we’re equipped to handle your project in whatever weather conditions have arrived. Now, one thing we want to keep in mind is rain. And so if we’re doing home exteriors, which is the only thing here at roofing and siding Smiths as your roofer Greenville Texas, that we service that being roofing, siding, windows, doors, seamless gutters. The rain does play a significant part, but if it’s not actively raining, most of the time we’re okay.

Now with the exception of your roof, we would not want to be caught in the middle of a roofing project, but any of the other products that we install could be closed up, covered up and your home protected very quickly. With the roof, it very rarely happens only once or twice since we’ve been in business. But if a storm does catch us by chance, even then we can have a tarp which we keep readily available and get your home protected as much as possible, as quickly as possible. But we will be watching the weather as your roofer Greenville Texas. We don’t want there to be any problems if at all possible. And so we’re going to keep an eye on the rain as well as anything else that could be strong or severe. So, rest assured that we’re going to look out for your best interest as well as ours and the safety of the guys performing the work.

Now, another thing to consider with shingles is that it does need to be about 60 or 70 degrees for the fastening strip to heat up to seal, permanently, and of course if it was a hot summer day where it was about 85 plus degrees, they would seal, very,very quickly. But one thing that we keep in mind too is that when the temperature rises above 90 degrees for an extended period of time, when you have a grown adult standing on top of those shingles and trying to keep from falling, they’re digging in their heels. They’re putting a lot of pressure, especially in small places, like the heel of their boot or shoe or even the toe. Then you do run the risk of digging into or ripping or tearing and thus affecting the integrity of the shingles. And so what you will see is that in the summertime, especially here in Greenville, Texas, we know that we need to get started early so that we can start our day out when it’s very cool.

And then about two o’clock, most of our crews will take a break until that hottest part of the day. He kind of passes and then we’ll jump back up there about four 30 and continue working the siding and windows and gutters. You don’t really have to worry about the hot or the cold. There are some extra measures that we take such as, we still usually start early whenever we’re doing this. And so, um, as we, uh, get ready to do your project, we’re going to, um, be looking at the safety of our employees, um, more than any concerns we have with the products we’re installing. So if it’s going to be 105 one day, we may get started a little early and then take off early in the summer. But we would do our best to inform you of the hours of operation that we would be working on your home.

And so when you’re considering calling roofing and siding, Smith, your roofer Greenville Texas for an estimate, don’t worry about what time of year it is. Don’t worry about the weather. If there’s a major concern, we will let you know that up front. So please trust us to keep in mind what’s best for you and what’s best for us as we get prepared to work on your home. Now the other thing to consider if you’re doing windows or possibly a door is that we’re going to have your house open one window to possibly two windows at a time and they’ll be open for about an hour until we get the new window installed. And so, with that in mind, the only thing we would have to consider might be your electric bill or possibly your discomfort. And so if you have a health concerns or anything like that where you need to make sure that the house stays at a certain temperature, then those, um, are things to consider if we’re doing a door or window replacement in your home.

But it’s still a pretty quick process. Most of the time we do a whole house and windows, um, within one to two days. And so it’s not a long time that your home is going to be open or exposed to those changes. So, uh, give us here at roofing and siding Smith’s a call. We’d be glad to come out and do a free estimate and see when the best time for you to have this done. Um, would be, um, keeping in mind, finances and all of that good stuff. We want to make sure this is a memorable and a good experience for you. So please give us a call today. Here is your roofer Greenville Texas, and we will do our best to accommodate you in any way we can. You can reach us at (903) 456-9956 or email us at thank you as your roofer Greenville Texas. We appreciate you. Bye.