Hey, this is Courtney, the new administration assistant for roofing and siding smiths a roofer greenville texas contractor. I just wanted to remind you all that with the recent bad weather, please, don’t neglect to have your roofer looked at for wind hail tree and other damage that could have been caused by the storm. We are offering free roofer Greenville Texas estimates. So please call us to set up a roofer estimates. Please keep in mind that we also do estimates on siding, windows, and gutters. Roofing and siding smiths are the best option to repair your roofer. What sets us aside from other contractors here at roofing and siding Smiths. We always call customers back and make sure they are updated on what process they’re in with their job. I use a Google Excel sheet as a system to make sure we know what stage the project is in. Um, we have labels such as contacted, which means we have contacted the customer to set up an appointment, but we might’ve missed them or got their voicemail. We have an appointment set, which means we have a time and date set to go have an estimate done on their roofer Greenville Texas. We have a sales meeting, completed tab and adjuster meeting and insurance payout estimate complete. And finally the schedule job and receive deposit tab.

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We always strive to communicate with our clients the best that we can so that we are giving them the best options we can possibly give them and not trying to sell them unnecessary product, to get the most money. As other contractors, might we have permanent pricing on your roofer Greenville Texas estimate, and we always keep our jobs clean. So please call us today for a free roofer Greenville Texas estimate, as talked about earlier with art lead tracker. We also have a job tracker which helps us track in what stage we are with the job. So we track whether we need to deposit whether the job has been scheduled, whether we need to schedule the job when the job is in progress, when the job is complete and the customer needs an invoice and the invoice has been submitted, it needs to collect job paid in full. We also have a customer complaint. We always keep track of customer complaints and make sure that we follow up on those to make sure that our customers have the utmost satisfaction with their job. So that is just a little bit today about how we are the best option to repair your roofer Greenville Texas job, and also the other jobs that we offer such as siding windows and gutters. Please give us a call for a free estimate. We would love to hear from you and help you finish your projects.