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Today I want to talk to you about our top of the line premier package for our vinyl siding system. We use a structure insulated panel with the ventura hidden soffit to give you the best and most practical vinyl siding system in the market. In our opinion, the structure home insulation system stands out above so many other series of vinyl siding. Structure is made by mastic, which is a division of ply gem. The structure insulated panel provides a continuous blanket, a thick insulation, a quiet comfort, and delivers energy star qualified new home performance. As your roofer Greenville Texas we know you’ll enjoy this product and you’ll enjoy the energy efficiency that it brings to your home to your home.

With the broad flat surfaces structure looks and feels like real wood with its enhanced three quarter inch panel projection, flatter seams, and available longer lengths. It gives your home a virtually seamless look. The bonded EPS foam backer gives structure up to 300% more impact resistance, and the patented design features gives it an engineered strength. That means maximum durability. It’s also sustainable with 50% recycled content. NHB research center, green approval and no need to paint or stain. It is safe, sustainable, and recyclable. Structure is backed by mastics V I P limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind and offers a lifetime of low maintenance enjoyment as your roofer Greenville Texas siding contractor Greenville Texas. We know that this product will enhance the value, comfort and low maintenance of your home.

Another great function and neat aspect of this product is it the double four and a half inch Dutch lap panel that we install. 99% of the time when we sell this product is that it has a fold over nail him, which makes it tornado tough. It also has a patented T3 locking system. This unique design tightens the lock under pressure, so siding stays put even in challenging weather, and the up to one and a quarter inch EPS insulation helps to absorb impacts without denting. Your typical vinyl siding panel has a void behind it. And so when something hits it, it can dent or crack very easily and this will help prevent that. So as your roofer Greenville Texas we believe this is the premiere panel for your vinyl siding project.

It also has hang tough technology. The exclusive formulation makes panels more resistant to cracking impact and thermal distortion and with the larger three quarter inch panel projection and improves the strength, stability and wind resistance. The duranyl 5,000 proprietary formulation protects against fading, even darker colors, retain their rich hues. The rigid substrate adds strength, maintains flatness and improves impact resistance up to a one quarter inch of insulation increases the R value of exterior walls and size energy year round. This product is now available in over 25 colors so you won’t have any problem finding a color you will love and it’ll bring your home to life. So here at, your roofer Greenville Texas. We know that this panel will bring you joy for years to come.

So, if you’ll remember, we combine this product with our Ventura hidden vent soffit system. The Ventura hidden vent soffit system has an oversized lock. A rollover reinforced and nail him, which helps to minimize sagging and it’s faster, easier cutting equals faster, easier installation. It has an enhanced five eiths inch panel projection and the hidden vent system delivers up to 50% more free air flow. It offers a smooth, clean profile with no visible vents. This delivers up to 50% more free airflow than some competitors hidden vent soffits and better in ventilation than standard soffit. It’s got a premium 0.044 thickness which provides greater strength and greater rigidity. The dura, Neal 5,000 protection system adds extra UV protection to their deepest most vivid colors. It protects the color against harsh elements and maximizes long term weatherability. It also has the hang tough technology exclusive formulation process that boosts durability, so panels are more resistant to cracking impact and thermal distortion as an added benefit. Rich color resides throughout the panel, virtually eliminating the appearance of nicks and minor surface scratches.

It also carries a class one IFR rating and includes the VIP limited lifetime warranty. This is a premium guarantee of lasting quality and peace of mind backed by mastic, a trusted industry leader for 50 plus years. This product has been certified by home innovation research labs. This means you can be assured that this product complies with specific green practice criteria and the national green building standard is your roofer Greenville Texas we have over 14 years of experience in installing vinyl siding. We’ve been installing this series for about seven years and have been very pleased with it as well as have been our customers. We have not had any warranty call backs on these products but the peace of mind knowing that we do have a 50 year plus writing brings our customers and us peace of mind when installed per manufacturer instructions, unlike others in the industry.

We know that this product will give you a lifetime of peace and comfort in your home as your roofer Greenville Texas. The style and design of the Ventura hidden vent soffit system will also add character and aesthetic appeal to your home. Most homes have a flat smooth soffit. This is a 10 inch wide panel with a groove every three and one third inches, which makes your home stand out against the norm. So checkout, and is your roofer Greenville Texas we’d love to come and visit with you and show you these products in person and let you see and feel just how wonderful they could be for you.