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This podcast was recorded for Roofing & Siding Smiths.

Today at roofing and siding Smiths, your roofer Greenville Texas. I want to talk a little bit about the estimate process here. As your roofer Greenville Texas. We offer free estimates. So what that means is that if you, uh, need to know, if you need a repair, if you have damage, if you just want to know what it would cost to replace it, we’ll come out and measure your roof and do a free estimate. There’s a couple of exceptions like if you want to just, do an inspection on a home you haven’t bought yet, we don’t do that. We’d rather just wait until you purchase the home and, um, and do the estimate that way. Um, most home inspections will tell you whether or not you need a roof. But, um, for the most part we do free estimates. Now if you have a leak or something of that nature, um, we do, leak inspections for free as well.

But if you want us to tell you, all the details about it, we do charge that away. Um, we’re not just coming out and telling you exactly how to fix the problem and then, doing it yourself. But we will, come out and do the estimate for free and give you a good idea of what it’s gonna cost. Um, one of the things we like to do, if you want an estimate, is to have everyone who’s going to be a part of the decision, be there for that process, not a way as we talk about and discuss your project, everyone involved will know all the details and if there’s more than one set of years, maybe, we’re more likely to be able to pick up on everything that’s going on. And so if you’re married and you want your significant other to be available and then we can, set up a town that works or around your schedule and hear it.

Roofing and Siding Smiths, roofer Greenville Texas, we will, do our best to accommodate your schedule, for your free estimate. And, we’ll start out by showing up at the designated time and, we’ll kind of cover some basics and then we’ll start the measuring process. If your house is really steep or a really kinda crazy, we have, uh, an estimating program we can use. It measures your roof, satellite imaging. And so sometimes we do that. And in that case it takes about 48 hours, finalize our quote and get back to you. But we can still discuss color options, um, different styles of shingles and look at any trouble areas and you’ve had a leak. We can make sure we, we know what’s going on and how to, how to diagnose and fix that problem only come to the roof. But we want to talk about all the different options such as, drip edge, gutters, ventilation, the underlayment that will be used, the replacement of rotten wood, if there is any known, if there’s some unknown, what happens then?

Most of our roofs we include up to a hundred square feet or rotten decking and that’s basically equivalent to three sheets of plywood. So you know, if there’s just a few small areas, usually your vent stacks, sometimes your valleys on the roof will have minor damage that maybe it hasn’t even shown up inside the house yet. We want you to know that that’s just included and that we’re going to take care of that so you don’t have to worry about us covering it up. We have seen roofs that were only a couple months old that had really rotten wood. And what that means most of the time is that there was a problem that didn’t get fixed and somebody just covered it up and then those types of roofers just won’t come back and fix it. And so that’s where we really pushed quality as your roofer Greenville Texas.

We want to do everything necessary to ensure that your roof that we put on is going to last as long as it’s supposed to. And if you put shingles on top of rotten wood, it’s just not going to last. They’re going to be more susceptible to wind. They image where they can blow off because they’re not fastened to something starting. And so, once we talked about all those little details and gone over the specifics, um, we’ll sit down, and go over everything that’s going to be included in your project. And so we want to brighten down everything so that both the customer and us here at Roofing and Siding Smiths, your roofer Greenville Texas are both protected and we know exactly what’s going on. You’ll have a clear description of the products being used, what’s being replaced, the payment terms. Typically we do a 50% deposit and 50% at completion.

Sometimes there’s a need to do the pay out a little differently. If you have insurance, most insurance companies will do the actual cash value of the roof, which what it’s worth today minus depreciation as well as minus your deductible. And so they’ll send you that up front and then the depreciation that they hold back, they’ll release that, once the project has been completed. And so some homeowners would like to wait until they get that money back. Usually once the roof is complete, you’re able to have that money, um, back to you within a couple of weeks. And under most circumstances, we here at roofing and siding semester, roofer Greenville Texas, are able to wait those couple of weeks and allow you that coming to pay you so that you can pay us. We know that most likely if you have storm damage, you are not expecting to replace your roof.

And so something that costs several thousand dollars you may have not been prepared for. And so we want to allow the insurance to cover that. And we have had really good success, in working with insurance companies, most of the big ones, are really fair. Some roofers will try to tell you that it’s, it’s us versus them. And the truth of the matter is, is that if you have legitimate damage and you have an upstanding insurance company, they will pay to have your home put back together. That’s what they’re there for. They’re there to help you times of emergency and to protect your home. And so we’re very familiar with that process. If they, if you ever have an insurance claim and the something comes up throughout the installation process and we find damage that’s storm-related, we can always take pictures and measurements and submit that to the insurance company.

It’s called a supplement and they will review it and get back to us. And as long as it is storm related, we’ve had no problem getting the insurance companies to pay for what that repair will cost in addition to the original client. That’s something a lot of homeowners are concerned with. And we just want to set you at ease here at roofing and siding. Roofing and Siding Smiths, your roofer Greenville Texas, and let you know that the insurance process can seem confusing on paper, but since we deal with it a hundred times a year or so, maybe it’s your first experience with an insurance claim for us. We’ve done so many, uh, we’re very familiar with the process. We know how to read the paperwork, we know how to read your policy, plus your agent, uh, the, a really good person to go to and find out any questions, get answers to any questions you might have.

And so once all that is done if we’ve signed you up for a roof, we will then, um, come back, uh, we’ll be in touch with you on the dates that we’ll do the installation as well as in material deliveries. We’re always going to follow up and clean up really well once the job has been completed. And then we’re going to make sure that your roof is in good shape. Um, we’re gonna walk the project with you, the homeowner, make sure you’re completely satisfied, um, and before we invoice you for the final amount. And again, um, if it’s a cash job, then you’ll just pay us directly. If we need to go through the insurance, we can submit the invoice to them and the insurance company will then write a check back to you. And then in turn you can pay us once you’ve received that.

And so we wanna make the estimate process something to where you, the homeowner are informed and totally comfortable with project it’s going to take place. We know that a roof is the starting point of protection for the rest of your home. It’s very important if you have questions on different products, we want to answer that during the estimation process as your roof or Greenville, Texas. We want you to be totally comfortable before we get started with their project. So give us a call today at (903) 456-9956. Check out our website at as your roofer Greenville Texas. We strive to