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Gutter installs are a team effort here at Roofing and Siding Smiths your Roofer Greenville Texas. We also installed gutters. When installing gutters it takes a team to be successful. We use a gutter trailer that has a gutter machine to run out your seamless gutters and it takes a machine operator and installers to make it work. We use a aluminum coil that inserts into the gutter trailer and a into the gutter machine and the machine operator will run that coil out, basically start the motor of the gutter machine and it will begin taking that round coil and forming it into your seamless gutter.

We’re able to provide five inch and six inch gutters, a five inch we use more often than six inch. Some houses that would need six inch gutters would be houses that shed a lot of water or houses where the shingle line extends further over the edge of the roof. Normally metal roofs, we’ll also need six inch gutters. Your roofer Greenville Texas, your siding contractor Greenville Texas. As far as installation goes, six inch gutters are not any different than five inch gutters. The only difference is that six inch gutters have larger hangers and the material is one inch bigger, uh, to make the gutter bigger.

when installing gutters, your roofer Greenville Texas, our crew will get to the site and first they will confirm measurements and they will measure each part of the fascia board on your house that will be getting gutter and then they will take those measurements and the gutter operator will begin creating your gutter using the gutter machine. When measuring for your gutters, you always measure from rat to left because of the way the machine spits out the new gutter. When measuring for gutters, it’s easy, usually easier for two people to be measuring and one person to be writing the measurements. A lot of gutter crews will work with two guys for the entire install and that that works good.

Also, when starting your measuring, starting on the right side, you’ll measure from right to left and you need to take into account, uh, lots of factors including where your downspouts will be.
You have to take into account factors like does the half, does the house have siding? Is it a brick house? Does it have siding at the top and then stone at the bottom so that you need a offset to make the gutter work around the stone. We provide to itch four inch and six inch offsets. We also use different elbows having A’s and B elbows and a elbow is more of your standard. Um, need one change of direction, uh, elbow for a gutter and a B will change a direction left and right.

So when our estimator measures the job, he’ll let the guys know what types of elbows and if there needs to be offsets and how many downspouts and downspout locations, uh, and provide that for the paperwork so that when they go and do the job as your roofer Greenville Texas, they can start off on the right foot and install the gutters. The way, uh, the estimator discussed with the customer after gutters are measured and the machine operator begins making gutters, he will turn the gutter machine on and start forming the coil. He will use hangers and a 100 foot tape measure to measure out the length of the gutter as it’s being spit out by the machine. Hangers will be spaced every two foot and they will be attached while the machine operator is forming the gutter.

While this is happening, our installers here at roofing and siding Smith’s your roofer Greenville Texas. We’ll be moving ladders and getting ready hang the gutter. So the machine operator will install the hangers. He will use end caps to cap the ends of the gutters and gutters sealer to seal around them. So he uses an end cap to put it on the end and he uses crimps to crimp it in. And then he uses gutter sealer to fill in the cracks. He also uses a mall to punch out the downspout hole and he uses a three inch by four inch insert to uh, put it in the hole for the downspout to make that transition more seamless.

Uh, and he will also seal that insert with gutter sealer. Once the gutter is completely prepared by the machine operator, he’ll take it to the installers and they will install it on the facia board of the house. And then we’ll use levels to make sure that the gutter is flowing in the proper direction towards the downspout, your roofer Greenville Texas. So once the installers have driven in a few of the hangers and they confirm that the gutter is flowing in the proper direction, they will use a quarter inch bit to install the rest of the hangers into the facia board.

After the gutter itself is installed, we’ll use downspouts, elbows, and sometimes downspout materials for an extension, uh, to finish the downspouts, the downspouts will screw to the top of the three before insert. Uh, and they will come down in the desired location that was worked out by, uh, the homeowner and our estimator. Many times we’ll use a drill bit to insert straps for holding the downspouts firmly against the structure. And so our elbow, our a elbow or our B elbow will be used to guide the gutter back towards the structure. And then our straps will be used to wrap around. The downspout itself, uh, to hold the downspout, your siding contractor, Greenville, Texas, your roofing contractor, Greenville, Texas. And once downspouts are installed, we can then decide if it did not go all the way to the ground, we can add an extension to extend it to the ground.

Or we can add an extension to make sure the water travels past a flower bed or, uh, anything that’s kind of puddle water, uh, that we want to skip over your roofer Greenville Texas. After the guys are finished installing gutters, they’ll then do a quick quality check and make sure that if it’s a, uh, gabled house, uh, that has, uh, several different cuts in the roof where water will be, uh, running in a higher volume, that there are splash guards, uh, to make sure that water isn’t skipping over the gutter. And then they will do a quick double check and make sure that all of the inside and outside corners and the end caps are sealed so that we don’t have to make another trip back, uh, to fix a item on the gutter that was not sealed properly. Your roofer Greenville Texas.