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How to replace windows and to measure for windows, roofing and siding Smith’s, your roofer Greenville Texas. First thing you want to do is measure from the inside of the house. If you’re measuring for a windows that are insiding and you want to measure from the outside of the house, if you’re measuring windows that are in brick, when measuring, you want to always measure the width and then the height, the window manufacturer, it’s standard for you to order a width and then a height when you’re ordering windows. So first we would measure the width and then we would subtract a half inch and that would be our measurement for the width. And then we would measure our height and subtract a half hitch. And that would be the measurement for our height. Roofing and siding Smith’s your roofer Greenville Texas. We also do windows when measuring for windows that are in brick, you want to always measure, measure from the outside and the same as the windows that are in the siding. When you’re measuring for brick, you want to measure the width first and then the height.

So first you measure the width and you always measure from the furthest point of the brick. So where the, the opening is the tightest according to the break. That’s the furthest inside is where you’re measuring to. And then you want to subtract one half inch. And as your roofer Greenville Texas will then measure the height and we’ll do the same thing. We’ll find the closest point for the height and we’ll measure that and subtract half an inch. And that will be our measurement for the height.

The reason we measure like that is because if it only takes one spot in the opening where the brick sticks further out than the rest to basically make your measurement you can’t move brick, you can’t quickly replace it. And if you do replace it, it won’t match. So as your roofer Greenville Texas we always like to make sure that our windows show up to the job site looking good and ready to fit. When we get ready to replace your window first we’re going to measure the window we ordered and make sure that it’s gonna fit the opening. The last thing we want to do as your roofer Greenville Texas is take someone’s window out and not be able to put a new window in and have to temporarily close the opening. Many homeowners won’t like the way that looks and it’s not ideal for how we do things. If we measure at the beginning, we can avoid that scenario where we remove a window and cannot put a new window in. So after we measure the window and make sure that the window fits the opening we’re about to be replacing in, we will first remove the existing window for wooden windows. They are usually held in by trim on the inside and the outside. And then that term is caulked and painted.

And brick windows are taken out another way. Um, we’ll use chisels and prob bars and a hammer and a utility knife to remove the trim. First we will take the utility knife and score the paint and caulk that the trim has on it to make sure that whenever we use our chisel and our hammer to break the trim away, that it doesn’t pull any paint, uh, that we don’t want to be taken off as your roofer Greenville Texas and we’ll take off the bottom and the sides and the top trim on the inside and the outside of the window. After that, we should be able to take out one pain at a timeAnd older windows, they are not attached. So you can pull out usually the top first and
then the bottom. You want to be very careful as your roofer in Greenville, Texas to pull the window out without breaking it if you can.

Well as is dangerous. And if it falls on someone’s arm or, um, hit someone where it shouldn’t, it could cut them easily and very quickly and turn a good window job into a trip to the emergency room. So as your roofer Greenville Texas we always try to pull out windows safely, but also efficiently. And if the glass does break, you have to make sure you clean up, and get all of the glass so that it’s not left for the homeowner to pick up. With all that being said, it’s not the end of the world. If the glass breaks, um, still remove it and then get your new window and you shims to, uh, start at the bottom and shim up until the window is level and the reveal is flush. And even, and we want to always make sure that the window operates efficiently and that it looks good from the inside and the outside. So once we get the window shimmed in place, we’ll use foam insulation to fill any voids, uh, that they are. And then we will use vinyl trim to trim out any extra space around the inside and the outside of the window after vinyl trim is, is added, we’ll use caulk to caulk all the way around the, uh, inside and outside of the windows to make the transition seamless and to make the window look new.

We’ll also use mineral spirits to clean the glass and again, make the windows look new as your roofer, Greenville, Texas, new vinyl windows will look great and also be an upgrade from your single pane aluminum windows that were originally installed with your home. They’ll also increase the energy efficiency for your home and help your home stay hot or cold throughout whatever season is of the year so that you can be happy with your roofer Greenville Texas, and the work that we’ve performed for you. We’re roofing and siding Smiths. We do siding, roofing, window replacement, and gutters in Greenville, Texas. As your roofer Greenville Texas, call us at (903) 456-9956.