Roofer Greenville Texas | Work On a Great Schedule

Hey guys, have you ever wondered what a normal day looks like for the roofing and siding Smith’s crews here at roofing and siding some ass your roof for Greenville, Texas. Our guys have a pretty scheduled out week. A lot of construction companies seem to have a very chaotic, crazy schedule and we personally believe as your roofer Greenville Texas, the home improvement and construction does not have to be chaotic. We have several things put in place to give our guys stability and so they can also know what to do as the week progresses here at roofing and siding some ass, your roofer Greenville Texas. Every Monday morning our guys start out by checking the trucks and trailers, making sure that the tail lights are working, the trailer Burt lights are working, the tires are all properly and flighted as well as the fluids.

Once a month our guys run through every vehicle, check all the fluids, crease all the bearings in the trailers. That way we can make sure that we can get to your job and we don’t have any hang ups or breakdowns that are preventable. We start our day out, um, during the winter time at about seven 45, most of the guys show up a little bit early, so they’ll be there seven 30, seven 40. They do their checks. And then on Mondays here as your roofer Greenville Texas, we have a crew meeting every week where we talk about the previous week, we talk about concerns, issues. Some of the things are really small, minor. If there’s something big we need to discuss, this is our problem solving time. We use this time to build up and make ourselves better.

We’re not pointing fingers at one another, but we’re really seeking to make sure that we can provide the type of service that we’ve promised our customers. And so if we need to address something, if we need another tool or we need some training, if we need to go over something, we’ll spend this time doing that. Um, we also utilize rain days for training. So instead of just leaving the guys at home and having a, an unpaid day off, we’ll bring them into the shop. We’ll set up some, uh, uh, areas to practice. Uh, sometimes we’ll watch how to videos. Many of our manufacturers give good step by step instruction as well as the reasons why they want something done a specific way.

You’ll see a lot of contractors do the good old boy system where they just say, I had a work. I’ve been doing it like that. My life, what we’ve run into is many things that aren’t a problem right away, but become a problem after 10 years, sometimes 20 years. And that may not bother you. Maybe you’re planning on moving before then, but why not do it the right way? Usually the right why only adds a couple of minutes, but you ensure that it’ll last as long as it’s supposed to.
Many of the projects we do, we expect them to last 50 years. That’s the kind of quality that we do is we put our projects together. So after our crew meeting on Monday, the guys gather up materials and head to the project.

If they’re on something new, they’re going to give the customer a call, let them know they’re on their way, and then, uh, if they’re on something small where they might do more than one project in a day, they’ll also follow up with the second customer as they’re on little right of that project. You can expect our crews to, um, collect a check if the work has been completed. That’s no issue here because all of our guys are 100% trustworthy. Many of them have access to company funds, credit cards, vehicle’s tools, and we trust them very much. We would not send someone to your home if we could not trust them because we know that your home is a very important to you. So is your roofer Greenville Texas.

You could expect our guys that come to your job clean up really well, do a walkthrough with you and then collect payment. If you don’t want to pay or you’d like to pay by card, we’d be more than happy to send you an email where you can pay online with your debit or credit card.
Our guys are normally going to finish up somewhere between four and five o’clock every day and some projects go a little longer than that. If we think we can finish up and save a little travel time the next day, the guys will work a little bit lighter. If we’re on a big project that’s going to last a couple of weeks, we’ll run a pretty a typical eight hour day.

And so they’re at our shop at seven 45. They’ll take a short lunch normally, and so somewhere between that four and five o’clock hour, they’ll call it quits, do a quick cleanup of your home, make sure it doesn’t look like a tornado’s. Blown through there and they’ll head back to the shop. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays look pretty similar. No crew meeting. If we’re doing a brand new job, a lot of times we’ll do a toolbox meeting that just lasts for two to five minutes. Um, where we’ll get together at the beginning of the project. We’ll go a couple of safety things as well as, uh, specifics about your home, your project, need to know info. Is there something, um, of interest that’s a little different than normal.

We’ll go over that. We’ll make sure the guys don’t have any questions. Once they thoroughly looked over the contract as well as any other paperwork that’s come with the project, we’ll make sure that the project manager and the salesman have you already gotten together and discuss anything you in the sales staff talked about before the project was, um, uh, scheduled to start. And then Friday’s a similar schedule for our gas. But uh, the owner and project manager spend a couple of hours. The end of the day is on Friday, getting together, going over the previous week as well as looking at the schedule for the next week, making sure that we’re on track. Is there any deadlines we need to meet?

Are there any customers that could potentially be pushed back or pushed ahead of time? Because we’ve made a good time on this current week. We’ll also discuss anything that we’ve run into that we need to address, um, with our employees, uh, making sure that they’re just doing everything they need to do to ensure that they provide the level of service that roofing and siding Smith requires. Is your roofer Greenville Texas, your home and your project is very important to us. We know it was our home that we would want the best quality available. So as your roofer Greenville Texas, we schedule our days and our weeks out so that our gas can succeed and we can stay on task for you, our homeowner and as your roofer agreeing, we’ll text is taking care of you as our number one priority. We want to be the best roofer Greenville Texas, that we can be.