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I’m going to talk a little bit about installing vinyl siding, roofing and siding Smiths, your Roofer Greenville Texas your siding contractor Greenville Texas your window replacement contractor Greenville Texas your gutter contractor Greenville Texas. Before getting started, it’s important to review several rules of thumb for vinyl siding application. Uh, we’re going to go through just basically 11 basic steps to installing vinyl siding. First, uh, installed panels and accessories. Have to be able to move freely from side to side. A lot of times you’ll see guys installing siding either with screws, uh, and fastening them too tight or they will be using nails and they’ll hit that. Now one last time to make it to where, uh, that panel won’t freely move and nail. Thank well it’s, it’s fastened better that way, that it’s tight.

Um, when in reality you want those panels to be able to move and flex if your house foundation ever moves.Roofing and siding Smiths your Roofer Greenville Texas. Second, when installing a siding panel, push up from the bottom until the lock is fully engaged with the piece below it without stretching the panel, reach up and Fasten it into place. Um, the way I like to do this is I like to use my hammer to push up on the bottom of the, uh, piece of siding and then use my other hand, uh, with the nail and insert the nail into the nailing flange in the center where it’s supposed to be and hold the piece of siding up and then Fasten the nail.

Um, this is the proper way to hold a piece of siding in place where it’s supposed to be roofing and siding Smiths, Roofer Greenville Texas fastened nails or other fasteners in the center of the nailing slot. And make sure the fastener penetrates a total of at least one and a quarter inches into and mailable materials such as wood sheathing and framing.It’s never good to install siding and not hit a stud or a plywood behind the wall. Um, it’s really not sturdy enough. Uh, just to nail to plywood, you want to try to hit studs. Uh, but you still want to make sure that you’re placing your fasteners, uh, every so often, uh, at the proper, uh, dimensions apart from each other. Roofer and Siding Smiths your Roofer Greenville Texas.

Don’t force the panels up or down when fastening them into position a, this will cause your siding to, uh, not be level. And it also will put it into a bind. Uh, don’t drive the head of the faster, tightly against the siding. Allow approximately one 32nd of an inch clearance between the faster head and the siding panel. Make sure the panels can move freely back and forth. Drive fastener straight and level to prevent distortion and buckling of the panels. Uh, if you, yeah, if you drive your nail at an angle, um, it’s going to pull on that siding, uh, in a way that is not designed to be pulled on a no job will have every nail that is driven perfectly.

But you don’t want to try to do it a level and straight and at the right dimension as often as you can and you want to leave a minimum of a quarter inch clearance at all openings stops to allow for normal expansion and contraction. Roofing and Siding Smiths, your Roofer Greenville Texas. When installing in temperatures below 40 degrees, you need to increase the minimum clearance to three eighths of an inch. Roofing and siding Smiths, your roofing contractor Greenville Texas. Uh, you don’t want to caulk the panels where they meet, uh, at the inside corners, outside corners, orange atrium, and you don’t want to overlap, uh, you don’t want to call it where the joints overlap.

A vinyl siding is, um, designed to not need to be caulked and it’s just gonna really, um, mess up the appearance of the siding. And plus, as we discussed earlier, the siding has to be able to flex and move with the building or with the structure. And if it’s caulked in that caulk is going to break or it’s going to hold the siding in place and keep it from moving. Like it needs to be roofing and siding smiths, your siding contractor Greenville Texas. Uh, you don’t want to face now through the siding or staple through the siding. Um, vinyl siding expands and contracts with outside temperature changes, uh, face to face nailing can result in ripples in the siding.

Uh, so that’s another common theme when vinyl siding, uh, that we’ve been talking about is it’s, it’s made to move and to flex. It’s also, um, not made to have something driven. Yeah. Through the face of it. Uh, it can cause it to, um, crack and, uh, to break over time. Uh, you only want to do that if you absolutely have to. If the piece is too small at the top of a Gable or something like that and there’s nowhere else to, it’s a nail. Roofing and Siding Smiths your Roofer Greenville Texas, did reciting furring or removal of uneven original siding, maybe necessary.

Take appropriate action to ensure a smooth and continuous surface. Uh, first things first, when you get to a job, you need to do your demo, um, and take off the original siding unless you are, uh, installing vinyl over the top of it. We got to a job the other day, um, where, well, it’s, the old siding was removed. We were just bare studs. There was no sheathing behind it, um, and, and no house wrapped. And so we had to put house wrap up, uh, before we could add siding back. Uh, there needs to be some type of water resistant barrier in between, um, the siding and the inside of the house, um, or the sheeting, roofing and siding Smith’s, your roofing contractor Greenville Texas.

Avoid the use of green lumber as the underlayment. Keep in mind that siding can only be as straight and stable as what lies under it. The installation of specific products may differ in details from the instructions given. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing metal siding. Um, if you ever get into a situation where, uh, there’s a warranty claim or um, anything where, uh, it’s crucial that the siding was installed per the manufacturers recommendations, you want to be able to go back and know that, uh, your company did everything that it could do to install it correctly and install it the way it was designed to be installed. Roofing and Siding Smiths your Roofer Greenville Texas.

The beauty of vinyl siding is maintained with little effort is that it’s maintained with little effort. Um, although it’ll get dirty like anything exposed to, uh, the elements, heavy rain will do wonders to clean it. Um, we encourage our customers to, uh, power wash it or wash it every few years and it’ll keep it looking brand new. Um, be careful with, uh, to pressurized of a pressure washer. Um, just a good rents should be plenty to clean your vinyl siding, roofing and siding Smith’s your siding contractor Greenville Texas. Your roofing contractor Greenville Texas. Uh, use an ordinary long handled car washing brush. Uh, it has soft bristles.
You want to use a soft bristle brush, uh, to keep from damaging, uh, or removing the, the natural sheen. On the siding and making it look splotchy. Um, if you have a mildew problem, use the solution by adding a court of liquid laundry, bleach, uh, to, uh, to soapy water and scrubbing it, uh, to kill the bacteria, Roofing and Siding Smith’s your Roofer Greenville Texas. Here at roofing and siding Smiths. We’re looking forward to our next big siding job and to producing another high quality siding product, installation, for more customers. And we are your siding contractor at roofing and siding Smith’s Greenville Texas, your roofing contractor Greenville TX your window contractor Greenville TX and your gutter company Greenville TX.