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Today let’s talk about shingles. I want to talk about the different, a series of shingles and the differences and quality and product and what you need to know to make the best decision for your home or your project. So as your roofer Greenville Texas, we typically install Owens Corning brand shingles here at roofing and siding Smiths. We have found great success in using Owens Corning line of products. We use their, um, synthetic underlayment, their ice and water shield and many of their accessories. And we have yet to have a, an issue with, uh, their products.

We’ve never had the fall a warranty claim, we’ve not had issues with malfunctions. And we’ve also had them all serve in the Y. They are designed to. And the great thing about that is that it protects our customers. So first let’s talk about the Owens Corning Supreme shingles.This is what you would call a three tab shingle or a 20 year shingle as they used to be called. Now they carry a 25 year writing, which what that means is that they have a 25 year limited warranty from the manufacturer against manufacturer defects. All shingle warranties do not cover weather related events. So what that means is that if there is hail wind fire or something of that nature, their warranty will not be covered.

This would be something that if you had homeowners insurance, they cover that. But the shingle warranty is for manufacturer’s defects. If something were to happen to the integrity of the shingles because the manufacturing process made a mistake, they would pay to replace the shingles as well as the labor. So the Owens Corning Supreme shingles or your starter level shingles, they have a 60 mile per hour when writing and they have a very symmetrical standardized look. Um, if your, um, redoing a rental property or maybe a new home you’re trying to save on your budget, the shingles will get the job done at an, at an economical price.

So as your roofer Greenville Texas, there’s a few instances where we would recommend these shingles. Now as we look ahead to the Owens Corning Oak Ridge shingles as your roofer Greenville Texas we install these shingles more than any other. The reason we like this Lana shingles so much is that they have a limited lifetime warranty. They have a very staggered, um, shake, like look, if you remember the old wood shake shingles, these are designed to kind of give that same look. And so it breaks up the monotony on the roof. The color variation is a little more intense, which makes your house roof pop, so to speak, from an aesthetic standpoint. And they have a 90 mile per hour wind writing.

It’s also, um, two layers where you, uh, nail these shingles, which is how you get the better when writing. And they also carry some algae resistance and they’re just less susceptible to when, because of the design and the shingles. And the great thing is that now these shingles really don’t cost a whole lot more than the Owens Corning Supreme shingles. You can usually upgrade to this line for a few hundred dollars on the entire roof. And so we really recommend using the Owens roaring Oak Ridge shingles above the Supreme, if at all possible. So if you can spare a few hundred dollars, you’ll get much more longevity, much more a pleasing look, uh, with these shingles. So as your roofer Greenville Texas, we recommend Owens Corning Oak Ridge, um, above the spring shingles.

Next we have a line of shingles called Owens Corning duration duration shingles, um, look very similar to the Oak Ridge series, but they have even more color variation, more uh, shadow effects. And the, the S the look is, is very neat and will enhance your home. They also carry a 110 mile per hour when writing and they have a special woven nailing strip. It’s a little water. So if the guys doing the install a miss, that exact specific spot, there’s a little more Grice. So that doubled up area is about twice as wide as a, the Oak Ridge shingles. And because it’s woven when the adhesive strip melts and seals to the shingle below it, that strip adheres to the woven part of the shingle.

And what this does is it allows it to grab a little better than it does on the Oakridge shingles because it doesn’t have granules that are individually on there that can come loose over time. Now that how you gain that extra when writing. So as your roofer Greenville Texas, if you have a house that is really susceptible to when it’s built up on a heel or you just know the area seems to feel like it’s very windy, these are a great choice. The look also on your home and you’ll really be pleased with this finished product. Next we have the Owens Corning weather guard series. Now what these shingles bring to the table that are different than all the others is a class four impact resistant writing is your roofer Greenville Texas.

If you’re looking to save money longterm and can spend a little bit to get that savings, uh, up front, it’s going to cost you, but over time you will save money on your homeowner’s insurance premiums and the shingles will last, um, through most of our hailstorms in this area. If you get baseball size hail, it’s probably not going to hold up. But what it does is it protects you from these storms that hit every approximately eight years in this area around Greenville, Texas, and as your roofer Greenville Texas, uh, if you’re tired of replacing your roof so often, this may be something you want to consider. They also look amazing.

The color and variations in these just really stands out. Um, when people look at your house, they’ll just say, man, that roof looks really neat. Why does yours look so different? Especially when we combine with the impact resistant hip and Ridge shingles, your home will really pop. So if you consider these Owens Corning, Oakridge shingles or the duration shingles or the weather guard shingles, they’re all going to look very similar in the design. But the differences are the color variations as well as the wind rating. So give us a call today so we can come out and show you these products. We have samples that we can bring to your home.

We can, uh, pick a color together, match it against the siding or the brick on your home, or we can stick with the color you have, but we’d love to come out and show you in person. The differences that these have is your roofer Greenville Texas. We want you to be educated and make a decision that you’ll be happy with for years to come. So give us a call today at nine zero three, four, five, six, nine, nine, five, six here at roofing and siding some gas your roofer Greenville Texas. Have a great day. Call us for all of your roofing, siding, window replacement, gutter needs.