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At Roofing and Siding Smiths, your roofer Greenville Texas Siding contractor, Greenville, Texas, gutter contractor, Greenville, Texas window contractor, Greenville, Texas. We offer many services in house. What makes us unique compared to other companies is that all four of these things, roofing, siding, windows and gutters, we do all of that. So your home exterior needs are being taken care of under one roof. This can be truly great for you, the homeowner, because what it means is that we’re very familiar with all the aspects of the products that we’re working on or around. So even if you contract us as your roof or Greenville, Texas to replace your roof and you have existing gutters, we know exactly what needs to be done to protect those gutters, to make sure they’re running efficiently. Once we’re complete, such as cleaning all the debris out from the roof removal as well as making sure we’re not leaning ladders against them, damaging them as we understand the products that they’re made out of, cannot handle, um, abuse such as shingles being light on top of them or a ladder with a fully grown person bouncing up and down at um, 50 times in one day.

Another thing that we’re conscientious of is the siding on the home. If you have a vinyl siding with aluminum trim coil and all of your facial boards, we understand that you can’t lean up against those things as well. You don’t want to damage or dent those products. As your roofer Greenville Texas siding contractor, Greenville, Texas, gutter contractor, Greenville, Texas and window replacement contractor, Greenville, Texas. We want to make sure that we respect the entirety of your home while we’re working.

One of the things we do that sets us apart is as I mentioned during the roofing process, if you’re not getting your gutters replaced with your new roof, we have a special system that we’ve designed that we use in our projects where we build a little 12 inch walls to put at the bottom of your roof and this keeps trash and debris from scuffing the paint or damaging the gutters or you’ll see sometimes the shingles sliding down the roof. Well, the white shingles is just pressing down on the hangers on the hardware. This can be really tough on your gutters. Now what if your gutters have leaf guards or something like that? Well, if we need to remove those, we understand exactly how to put them back on correctly. We’re not just going to slap them up there and hope for the best. We’re actually going to use our experience and our expertise to make sure that they’re fastened properly.

The other good thing is is that a lot of times you’re getting a new roof. You are getting new gutters and so as your roofer Greenville Texas gutter contractor, Greenville, Texas. We can provide that service as soon as the roof is complete. And so this allows you to get everything done in house. If you have an insurance claim, we can build the insurance company all at one time and you’re not having to go through the process of getting multiple checks throughout for the same claim, which can be a bit of a pain to do when the insurance company doesn’t understand why you’re billing for some things and not others. They’re starting to question whether or not you’re going to actually do the whole project. And then as well as if we find any rotten trim while we’re doing your roof as your roofer Greenville Texas, we can take care of that because part of the siding process includes the soffit and fascia, which is the overhang portion of your house.

The fascia board is where the roof stops. Um, the drip edge is a metal edge that goes on that. And so as your siding contractor, Greenville, Texas, roofer Greenville Texas, we can take care of any of those problems, during the installation process, which will also help to protect, um, the roof. If you come back into it after the fact, you can cause damage to the new shingles as well as your roofer Greenville Texas siding contractor, Greenville, Texas, here at Roofing and Siding Smiths. So we want to ensure that we do everything in order so that we don’t cause problems down the road. We will allow you to know upfront if we see something that is a problem and allow you to make the decision of whether or not you want to fix that. Now if you can afford it, if it’s something you need to consider and save for, we’ll share with you the details on exactly what the process looks like.

If you do it now versus later and give you our best judgment as to how long you should wait before you take care of that problem. Um, our siding options as your siding contractor, roofing contractor, Greenville, Texas, include vinyl siding, which comes with insulation and never has to be painted and you get more energy efficiency out of your home. We can also custom band the vinyl clad aluminum trim to match any design on your house. So if you have ornate trim work done around the windows or your facial boards, we can customize that. We have the machine and the tool that does that onsite and our guys are trained in house to meet whatever needs your home has. We also install Fibercemnt board, some yet also known as James Hardie board siding as well as LP smart side siding, which is an engineered wood. Both of those products have gained a lot of traction in the last 20 years.

They both carry a 50 year writing and they both require paint. And so we have a paint contractors that we work with all the time that we can recommend to you, but we do not paint in house. Um, but we will put up the Hardy board or the sworn side siding and cockpit so as to give you time in between our install on the painting to be able to trust that the weather and the elements aren’t going to start the rotting process, um, before you get it painted. So we also install, um, vinyl replacement windows, one of the perks to replace windows as your window replacement contractor, Greenville, Texas, roofer Greenville Texas, here at Roofing and Siding Smiths is that you get a lot of energy value at a new windows. You just don’t realize that old windows are leaking air. A lot of times they don’t function properly.

You can’t raise them or close them. The screens are missing or they have holes in them. The vinyl is much more energy efficient than aluminum and wood. Um, of course as you’ve probably noticed, if you have woodwind as they’re probably 60, 70, maybe a hundred years old, they require a ton of maintenance. Woodwind is a really nice, they’re really an energy efficient. They require a ton of maintenance. With the new replacement windows, you’re going to get a much better energy efficiency in our value out of your home. You’re going to get noise reduction that you probably weren’t even thinking about and you’re also going to get curb appeal. You just get used to the way the windows look on the house you get and these are gonna pop extend out so much that you’re going to gain a value, uh, that you probably weren’t even expecting.

Kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels. And then replacement windows, those are the top three things you can do to your home to add value. So if you’re looking to sell or maybe you’re thinking you will sell in a few years, just remember that on top of the energy efficiency and the functionality of your new windows, you’re gonna increase the value of your home. People, will love that you have the new windows in your home, that they open and close and that they’re energy efficient. We custom measure our windows so they fit your house. So if your house has shifted or moved a little bit, maybe the foundation is just out of whack, just a tiny bit. It’s no problem because we can put the new windows and square them up so they function and open properly, even if the old ones are not. And so as your roofer Greenville Texas siding contractor, Greenville, Texas replacement window, contractor rule, Texas, seamless gutter contractor, Greenville, Texas, we can take your home, exterior, whatever it is from start to finish.

You can rest assured that we understand how these, sidings on your home function together. And, how the install needs to go to do them in order so that we don’t cause more work lighter, such as if you’re getting siding and windows. We want to do the windows first so the siding can be trimmed out right up against the windows nice and snug as it’s intended. And you don’t wind up with big voids and gaps that have to be filled with insulation. If you have a brick home, no worry if you’re thinking, how do you get to the nail flange on the back of the windows replacement windows are actually custom made custom measure and so we installed them without a nail flange. And it’s a process that almost requires zero damage to the inside of the home. Most of the time we’re able to pull the old one is out, put the new ones in and it will require no sheet rock and no paint work on the interior of the home and we’re able to seal the window up from the inside as well as the outside to keep your moisture and drafts out of the home.

So give us a call today, here at Roofing and Siding Smiths, your roofer Greenville Texas siding contractor, Greenville, Texas window contractor, Greenville, Texas gutter contractor, Greenville, Texas for all your seamless, gutters, replacement windows, vinyl siding, Hardie siding, shingle and metal roof needs. You can reach us at 903-456-9956 nine zero three, four, five, six, nine five, six. Check out our website at