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So today we’re going to talk about metal shingles. Your roofer Greenville Texas, your siding contractor agreement with Texas, your window replacement contractor, Greenville, Texas gutter installer, Greenville, Texas. And we’re going to talk about metal shingles and how. Basically the pros to installing them. They’re basically like putting a metal roof on your house as far as your ability, except you get the architectural slick. Good look, look that you get with shingles. So, uh, there’s a couple of things you can do. You can install. Actually you can install these architects or beings, uh, metal shingles over an existing asphalt roof if need be.

So what do you do is you would take two by two labs and build basically a wooden frame, uh, all along the top edge of your roof for these metal shingles to Facetune. Or you need to remember that as your roof for Greenville, Texas will need at least three inches per foot. Uh, two for vertical application. So slopes that are less than three 12 or will need to have some other type of roofing on it, like a basin cap sheet type roof. Um, your roofer Greenville Texas. So you can also install metal shingles straight to roof decking. If you do decide that you’re going to, uh, remove the asphalt shingles, this is would be recommended. That way you can fix any problems that you have with your decades while the shingles are removed.

And then if you’ve had a history of leaks in your house or anything like that, it would be a good idea to remove your shingles and see what you got going on underneath to make sure, because this metal roof is going to be gone for hopefully up to 50 years. So as far as carrying from your material, you need to keep it in a dry place under tarps. And I need to be careful when you’re moving around. You’re stacking boxes, we don’t want to be in it for scratch [inaudible] where they’re installed. So I wouldn’t recommend stacking too high because your roof removal taxes need to be stacked on their sides.

So don’t land flat. And the boxes should have arrows in K where you stack out and avoid having loose material roof. Just like when I asked asphalt, suitable job, you don’t want to have loose shingles leave around everywhere for some slip for proper ventilation or you need to make sure your attics soften. Soften bits are a plus. But you also need to make your brief a, it’ll know when vapor condensation and deterioration installation would other materials in their attic that’ll help prevent mold. Mildew will also, uh, help keep ice from Damien. So to ensure that adequate ventilation and circulation air, the system must include inlets and outlets.

That’s what I’m talking about when we’re talking about your soft vent. You need to have a soffit vent and a way for the roof at the top of the attic. So your software would be, um, you’re in the top of your roof. So you can, you can use bridge visits if you need to. Uh, or enabling nets. Uh, most standards choir a square for the net for evaluation area, each from group B [inaudible] square feet of space to be different. You were a roofer Greenville Texas, to continue on ventilation, uh, the area per 300 square feet, like at least 40%, and not more than 50% of baiting is provided not more than three feet below the range.

Or if a class wanted to get your variers install [inaudible] side of the ceiling, those that are relevant walk. So just like in an asphalt route, you still need your underlayment. Ask some water and your balance is that your roofer Greenville Texas, uh, the acceptable products for use [inaudible] same code, 30 asphalt, saturated organic felt, uh, it’s a non perforated asphalt saturated belt. Mmm, that’s right too. Keep two, six, 10 code super X 30 underlayment. Samco TWM metal and Talan are in it or it’s [inaudible] or synthetic art plus. Uh, in all of these applications, our entire roof has to be covered for slopes of three inches per foot up to and including four inches per foot.

You need [inaudible] metal and tile undergoing it. Or something equivilent in the valleys. You’re going to need to put down your ass of water. Your installer needs to be careful that they don’t nail in the Valley, so it needs to have a valid [inaudible] border or even make sure that your nail heads is us and water and after that awesome water goes into the valet, they need to still put that’s hurt, but I’m laying on top of it so that it’s just extra protection. Awesome water sit. So remove the existing drip edge or cut back flush facia that back consistency. Students flush patient Gables or roofer Greenville Texas.

You are siding on a tractor, rural Texas, your gutter installer, Texas or Texas. A lot of first fool with forest underway in it at ease for purpose, underlayment or and should only be used on a new construction or work. Complete roof. Tear off as with none. Fasten starter with two of those and nails. 18 minutes is incentives. Staggered pain, two roads best through vertical, face to store. Her patient needs inches. Overlap flashing for a minimum of two inches. Joints apply or underlayments entire roof. Construction, roof replacement and whoever is with us for and lat to the edge and the starter flashing. Provide a second layer of underlayment at Eve or new construction or replacement.

Install the metal works, Gable flashing or equivalent over the underlayment and rake and over store at E at 12 inch wide strip of and talent or keeping installed that image. So all this being said, your roofer Greenville Texas, rural residing fun tractor room with Texas, better scholar. Next is roof replacement contract. Since when does Texas our number, if you want to call us, add notions. Install Eden’s not a three four, five, six, nine, nine five six. We would love to hear from you and your roofer Greenville Texas.