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Do you ever find yourself wondering what kind of tools you should buy if you’re considering home improvement work tool talk may be one of the top things that’s being discussed in your home. You may be considering doing some projects on your own. You may considered hiring a pro here at roofing and siding Smith, your roofer Greenville Texas. We have a couple of different lines of tools that we use. I’d like to talk to you today about some of the different tools we use, the benefits of buying name brand versus off brand we also have some very special tools that we use that a typical person would really almost never have a use for, but that we use quite regularly.

I’d like to start out by talking about Makita. When we first started in business, we went out and purchased a couple of Makita circular saws as well as a couple of Makita drills. To this day, we still have one of each of those. They have really stood the test of time. Our guys put these things to the test. Every day they get dropped, they get used, they get used several hours a week. They’re not just for your a weekend project once or twice a year. These things get used on a regular basis and they’ve lasted over 12 years. So as your roofer Greenville Texas, if you’re considering buying tools for the home and you’re going to use them quite often, Makita seems to really stand the test of time. We’ve also started recently purchasing the wall tools.

The wall has come out, um, with new technology for their batteries. The lithium ion batteries they charge so quick. Is your roofer Greenville Texas? A quick charging battery? Could be the difference in us finishing or having to come back the next day if our battery dies. Used to, we’d have to wait an entire day for a battery to charge. Now our batteries charge anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour and they will last four to six hours of constant use in a drill. If we’re using them for a circular saw or a salt Zoll they may not last quite this long. Anybody can be thinking a battery for a cycler saw. Yes, we got tired of dragging cords around and this is one of the reasons we went with the Duwall brand is they have so many options. Is your roofer Greenville Texas.

We know that we can, uh, take a Saul that doesn’t have a cord and move it around and project much more quickly and easily. We also don’t have to depend on your home electricity. We’re bringing in generator out to the job. This allows us not to have to worry if you’re at work and we accidentally flip a breaker and as your roofer Greenville Texas, this makes your life easier as well as ours. Our guys love using the [inaudible] battery tool system. They’re lighter, they’re less hassle, and they new technology, they actually last quite a long time. We used to have some, uh, Porter cable battery systems about 10 or 12 years ago and they just, the technology just wasn’t quite there.

The saws would only last about 15 minutes, which is not very good at all. And especially when you have to charge a battery for eight hours to get it fully charged. But now, even if we’re using a saw nonstop cutting decking or plywood, we can charge the batteries so quick that even if they only last for a couple hours, it’s no problem because we can have another one back up and going in 15 minutes. So as your roofer Greenville Texas we love RD wall tool system. You can buy a multi tool kits that come with anywhere from three to 14 or 15 different tools. Some of these things can be great for around the house.

They even have leaf blowers. You can imagine the hassle free of having to mix gas versus just hook up a battery and it’s not going to be as powerful as some big gas powered leaf blower. But it for her small home projects that can be great, especially for us just cleaning up around a job site, blowing off a front porch or driveway. Um, as well as the circular saw jig saw and what we really have come to love is the impact drills as your roofer Greenville Texas. I can tell you I, our guys just about won’t use a regular drill. They love the impact drills because it does all the work for you.

Now you have to make sure that when you purchase an impact drill that you buy impact drill and drivers that are made for that kind of drill because of the nature of how they work. Your typical soft metal Phillips head bits just won’t hold up to the force of impact driver puts on them. Now here at roofing and siding, soon as your roofer Greenville Texas, we’ve bought some tools off and on throughout the years that were off brand and for um, every day use. They just don’t hold up. If you’re only going to be using your tools lightly and only maybe once, twice, three times a year. Totally. We totally understand saving a few dollars and not going with the name brand, high expensive, um, tools.

Um, the good thing is too, if you buy the house brand of a tool at certain stores, they’ll have a really good warranty. So even if they do break, you can take them back and get them fully replaced. As your roofer Greenville Texas. I would explore if you’re going to buy an off brand, make sure you buy the brand that that store sales. Many different brands such as Roby craftsmen and cobalt Carey. I’m really good if not laugh time warranties. Some other tools that we have that are quite special to our trades is our metal brake. We use a tap con brake for bending and shaping aluminum trim coil far vinyl siding projects.

There’s more than one brand and these, but the way these function, the way that they’re built as well as their white and size, they seem to serve us well. It’s 10 foot six inches long and we can brighten metal all the way up to 10 foot six inches long. This makes for less seams as we install your facia board around the house with our aluminum vinyl clad wrap and we can do all kinds of things with this bright such as been in shape, very intricate detailed pieces of trim around windows, doors and garage doors. We also have a gutter machine that bends and shapes our aluminum gutter coil as your roofer Greenville Texas is one of the greatest things we have to offer in our gutterline is that we can do five and six inch gutters all with one sheet machine.

It takes about 20 minutes to convert it from one size to the other, and we can be up and running. In no time is your roofer Greenville Texas. Sometimes having that ability to flex between five and six inch gutters can really make the difference in getting you the system that you need. So I hope you found this advice helpful as your roofer Greenville Texas. We wanted to share with you our experience with the tools that we use every day. Give us a call for a free estimate, and if you’re wanting to take a look at some of the tools we use, let us know. We’ll bring them by. Show them to you. You can give us a call at (903) 456-9956 your roofer Greenville Texas.