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That I haven’t got to talk about why it’s important to, uh, paperwork and to follow it as closely as possible on window jobs. Here at working inside Smith’s, your roofer Greenville Texas. It’s always good to use the paperwork provided by the project manager or the sales rep to make sure that you have the correct window for each code for each window that you’re about to. When you’re about to replace a window, the first thing you want to do is measure the opening for brick houses. You want to find the brick that creates the smallest gap and then take that measurement and subtract half an inch.

That should be the measurement of your window that you’re installing. You want to do the same thing for the width first and the height of the opening. So first our installers are going to take the paperwork and see what the dimensions of the opening are supposed to be in. Confirm those dimensions and they’re going to go to our window and they’re going to take your tape measure and they’re going to measure the window itself and they’re going to make sure that the dimensions match the paperwork, but also that we order the correct window and also needed to be careful to check and make sure that the window is a, is the right style of window.

Whether that be frosted, single home, go home picture, just to make sure that they’re installing the correct window here at roofing and siding Smith’s, your roofer Greenville Texas, you want to make sure that you’re installing the correct window because if the openings are the same, but the style of window that the customer ordered is different, that can cause a problem. If you install the window and you insulate the opening and call, you can waste hours if you’re not careful and you could also possibly accidentally get called where it’s not supposed to be and said the homeowner’s house and you’ll have to wait for it to dry before you could cut it out. To fix your mistake. Your roofer Greenville Texas.

Here at roofing and siding Smiths. We normally do bottle windows almost. We, most of the time we’ll use either Allmond or white for color. If you don’t get, why are all in the prices go up dramatically. If you’re removing windows on a job and the windows are so stubborn that you have to break the glass, we found that it’s a better tactic to buy a glass cutter, which you can buy at your local Lowe’s or home Depot. And they’re very cost effective. They do break fairly easy, but they are cheap. So by several to do a bunch of windows on a job, but we will use a glass cutter and we will cut the glass out of the sash or out of the top of the window, um, in the X pattern on both sides, on the inside and outside.

And we’ll pull the glass out. That keeps us from having to swing a hammer and cause glass to go everywhere inside the homeowner’s house. Roofing and siding Smith’s, your roofer Greenville Texas. So you want to make sure that you have blankets laid out and that you’re protecting property. You have furniture moved and things like that, but you also want to make sure you have a portable trashcan to throw glass into or whenever you’re making last. A good trick that we’ve found is you can take the glass out after you cut it with the glass cutter and throw it in the trashcan. If it doesn’t break, you can use a piece of aluminum from the existing window that was removed to tap the glass. Now to break it to make for extra room in your trashcan, your roofing contractor Greenville Texas, your roofer Greenville Texas

You can use a trashcan to throw debris into or you’re using blankets to protect property and after you remove the existing frame, you’ll have to use your hammer to knock out any mortar that’s hanging over the edges. Make sure you have a nice point opening. Then you want to take your window, you want to measure it one more time. Make sure to make sure you have all the mortar that you need removed and then you want to insert in the window if the window, if the window opening isn’t super tight and you have room to make sure the window is perfectly level you used to do so and you need to, you shims to shim it.

You have to also, we want to take a drill and drill into the side of the window on the frames. And then on the top also you need to make sure you have a sufficient blocking inside the wall to scrutiny to. So after it’s level and you score in the window, you can use spray foam to bar any gaps that are bigger than a quarter inch. So basically any gap that you could fit the spray foam nozzle into your roofer Greenville Texas, your window contractor, Greenville, Texas, your window replacement contractor, Greenville, Texas. And so once you spray foam the opening, you can then begin to insert your snap in Donald for him to take care of the rest of the gap.

After you’ve got the window trimmed out on both the inside and outside, you can use painter’s caulk to caulk any gap that’s left and to give it a nice finished look to make sure there are no, uh, just to make sure that the same on the outside is you some professional looking your roof for Greenville, Texas. Another tactic to use to remove sever windows is to use a torch to heat up the frame of the window. You want to be careful not to make you get up too much or else the glass over eight. You need to protect yourself and make sure you’re wearing gloves. Make sure you’re wearing long sleeves in case mean glass breaks.

You don’t want it to fall on your hands and your arms, but you can heat up the frame with, with torch. And then it makes it easier to, uh, or makes us the frame less stubborn and thinks they easier to pull it out. Your roofer the Greenville Texas.