Roofer Greenville Texas | Employees Do a Great Job With Us

Have you ever made a deal with a contractor, felt really good about the soon to start project and then the guys show up to start the work and you start to wonder, are these guys actually employees or just subcontractors of this company? These guys don’t look very professional. Well today I want to talk to you about how you can know that our guys are our gas. First of all, when we show up to your house, we’re going to be in vehicles that are marked with our company name. They’re going to say roofing and siding Smiths or black land, seamless gutters on them. Some of our trailers even have our logo on them as well.

Specifically our gutter trailer. It’s heavily marked up with the black land st Louis gutters logo and is your roofer Greenville Texas. We believe that letting you know from the start that these are our guys set you at peace to know that the people working on your home are a part of our company. This ensures quality and dependability, accountability and trustworthiness. All of these things should be important to you. And I’m sure if you ever had an experience where one of those things is missing, you’ll realize just how important they are. And here at roofing and siding Smith, your roofer Greenville Texas, we’ve experienced bad contractors, we’ve experienced disappointed homeowners.

Many of our homeowners even say that we’re one of five who even bothered to return a phone call for a potential lead or who even showed up for that late. Another thing that sets us apart is that most of our guys will be wearing tee shirts, polos, or potentially button-ups with our company name and logo on them as well. So again, you can fill it piece when we come that the who shows up at your door is who you call. If you’re expecting us and you see someone outside who is not in a March truck or does not have roofing and siding Smiths, uh, tee shirts or polos on, you can know that someone else has come.

And so if your wife is at home and she’s a little nervous or you’re at home alone and you aren’t sure who’s there, you can just not answer the front door because you know if we come, we’re going to be representing our company in apparel as well as in our truck markings. You’ll also notice that most of us are wearing our roofing and siding summits, hats, all of these things together. Give our guys a nice clean look. Something that many companies do is they use subcontractors. There’s many subcontractors out there that are very good, but as your roofer Greenville Texas, we also know that a lot of companies just look at getting as many jobs done in a month as possible so their project managers can get bonuses.

Our project managers are salary and they know that quality is the number one thing that we preach here at roofing and siding. Sun is your roofer Greenville Texas, so even if we do use a subcontractor, we have a project manager onsite. During your install that you can talk to to discuss any questions, concerns, potential problems or just the nature of the project. As it’s moving along, he’ll be able to walk you through step by step from the material delivery to the start of the work to the day to day activities as well as clean up and what the final process will look like.

As we come to an closing in of near project, you will notice that I just said project manager would be present during your install if they, if we have a subcontractor on site. This is another thing that we have set up to ensure quality and dependability in our crews. Many project managers never leave their office, but here at roofing and siding some ass, your roofer Greenville Texas, we know that having accountability creates professionalism in the workplace. One of the ways that we hold our full time employees as well as our sub contractors accountable is by having a checks and balances in place.

The gas will fill out forms at the end of the day to let us know that certain things that we know need to be done every day have been done, that when a job is completed, they’ve inspected and ensured that all of the necessary functions of the particular install that we did, whether it be jetters replacement windows, siding or roofing, that these things have been completed to ensure that your product has been installed properly and with the highest quality possible. As well as we will follow up with our project manager doing a walkthrough to double check cleanup efforts as well as quality assurance.

Our crew leader or a project manager would also love to walk the project with you, answer any questions you have, make sure there’s um, no last details that need to be touched up or any potential other projects that you may see that you would like to have us give you an estimate on either for now or down the road. Also, our sales staff, when they come meet you, they have, um, a set price list that they work off of. It’s all based on linear footage and square footage depending upon which product you are purchasing. So regardless, you can trust that they are following our sales pricing sheet that you’re not going to get one price today in different price tomorrow.

Every customer is shirted the sign. We’ve set these prices in place to ensure that we can do top notch quality work. We are not aiming to be the cheapest company in town, but we’re also not aiming to be the most expensive. So we offer a competitive edge with the utmost quality being of top concern with everyone from our sales staff, to our install staff, to our project managers, and to myself as the owner. You can trust when you call roofing and siding says you’re a roofer Greenville Texas, that we want you to be left with a product you can be proud of for many years to come.

Your home could potentially be one of the grace investments you have and as your roofer Greenville Texas, we appreciate you so much and letting us be a part of that investment. So give us a call at roofing and siding Smith, your roofer Greenville Texas and we will do the best job we can as your roofer Greenville Texas.