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Today at Roofing, amd Siding Smith’s, your Roofer Greenville Texas. We will be talking about installing accessories before the siding itself can be hung. A number of accessories must be installed first including starter strips, corner post window flashing trim and J channels over the roof lines and around openings outside in inside corner posts. A water resistant metal materials should be used to flash the inside and outside corners, a minimum of 10 inches or 254 millimeters on each side before installation of the corner posts. Note, depending on the type of construction, vinyl soffit and fascia or the corner post can be installed. First Roofer Greenville Texas will ensure the inside corner posts can be a single or double J channel or a factory formed inside corner Roofing and Siding Smith places the corner posts in position allowing a one-fourth inch or 6.4 millimeter gap.

The top of the post and the eve or soffit positioned a nail at the top of the upper slot on both sides of the corner post leaving a gap approximately one third inch or 0.8 millimeters between the nail heads and the foreigner posts. This allows for the expansion of contraction to occur at the bottom. The corner posts should extend three fourths inch or 19 millimeters below the starter strip, Roofer Greenville Texas. We’ll make sure the posts are prom or vertically straight and square to the wall. Got away any exposed nail hem Roofer Greenville Texas will notice if more than one link of the corner post is required. Overlap the upper piece over the lower piece by cutting away one inch or 25.4 millimeters of the nailing flange on the top piece, Roofing and Siding Smiths will then ensure to overlap three fourths and or 19 millimeters allowing one fourth inch or 6.4 millimeters for expansion.

Roofer Greenville Texas knows this method will produce a visible joint between the two posts but will allow water to flow over the joint reducing the chance of water infiltration. Roofer Greenville Texas will use capping a corner post corner posts on homes with a second story overhang needs to be kept by making the cuts down. Fold the flats created over each other as indicated. Roofing and Siding Smiths. We’ll drill a one eight inch or 3.2 millimeter hole in the center through both layers of vinyl and install a pop ribbon to hold them in place. Roofer Greenville Texas will then cut a notch in both layers to allow clearance for the corner Roofer Greenville Texas. We’ll then use a starter strip.

In order for the siding to be installed properly and they level fashion Roofer Greenville Texas. We’ll use the starter strip at the bottom of the wall and it must be level for inciting. Smiths will determine the lowest point of the wall that will be cited from that point. Measure up one fourth inch or 6.4 millimeters less than the width of the starter strip and partially drive a now at one corner. Attach a chalk line, go to the next corner and pull the line taut Roofing and Siding Smiths and we’ll make sure the line is level by using a nine level or four foot level snap chalk line and repeat the procedure around the entire house. Roofing and Siding Smith’s optional method to determining the position of the starter strip in new construction in some reciting applications are to measure down from the soffit at one corner of the house, two at the top of the foundation and subtract one fourth inch or 6.4 millimeter less than the width of the starter strip.

Make sure to Mark on the wall and record the measurement. The measurement. Transfer the measurement to the other corner of the wall. Snap a chalk line in between the corners at the marks. Repeat the procedure around the entire house. Roofer Greenville Texas. We’ll use the chalk line as guide. Installed the top edge of the starter strip along the chalk line, nailing at 10 inches intervals. Allow space for the corner posts, J tunnels to be installed. Roofer Greenville Texas. We’ll keep the ends of starters strips at least one fourth inch or 6.4 millimeters apart to allow for expansion. Roofer Greenville Texas. We’ll nail in the center of the starter strip nailing slots. What we’re insulated siding. The starter strip needs to be spaced away from the wall to accommodate. A thickness for the backing of the siding. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for specific materials or techniques or simply call Roofer Greenvillel Texas.

Your Roofing and Siding Smith experts. Do you note when insulation or backboard is used for the starter strip if necessary to accommodate the thickness of the siding for a vertical siding starter methods. See the section on vertical siding. Also note Roofer Greenville Texas. Well no. In certain situations it may be necessary to useJ channel as a starter strip. Remember to drill three sixteenths of an inch or 4.8 millimeters in diameter. Weep holes no more than 24 inches apart. Roofer Greenville Texas windows, doors and roof lines flashing new window instead of inciting Smith if installing both their new window and flashing.

Refer to the window manufacturer’s instructions and a S T M E two one one two standard practice for installation of exterior windows, doors and skylights for proper flashing installation method for the window type and wall configuration on the project Roofer Greenville Texas will install flashing previously installed nail fin windows. If a nail finish new construction window has been previously installed without flashing. The following instruction should be followed. Roofing inciting Smiths will apply a continuous bead of sealant to the nailing flange of the seal in a manner that covers the nails and nail slots. Apply a minimum of nine inch Y horizontal still flashing level with the bottom edge of the existing window by pressing the flashing into the sealant bead at its top edge. Cut the steel flashing along enough to extend a minimum of nine inches beyond each jam. Fasten the seal flashing at the bottom inside edges. Roofer Greenville Texas is your Roofing and siding Smith experts. You can rely on Roofer Greenville Texas for all your residential exterior home needs.