Roofing & Siding Smiths has the best roofer Greenville TX. We provide dozens of different services that we remain focused on four different areas: siding, roofing, gutters and windows. Our first priority is always to ensure customer satisfaction. Our amazing team worked tirelessly to ensure every customer walks away happy and want to recommend us to their family and friends.

As the best Roofer Greenville TX, we’re here to bring a sense of professionalism into our little town and to prick the stigma most people have for many large companies with irresponsible contractors out there. First and foremost, we’re always on time. In our experience, most counterterrorist or even have a calendar to keep track of their schedules. They show up late, cancel the schedule dates, or simply show up to get the job done as fast as possible, get paid, and walk out without caring about the quantity. Here at Roofing & Siding Smiths, we believe the key to successful business is the communication between the homeowners and the contractors. We listen carefully of what you need, we quote you the price of the exactly what you will spend and nothing more, and we make sure to accommodate your schedule as we understand how busy everyone is nowadays.

Let me tell you about why we are the best Roofer Greenville TX. Take our siding services for example. We provide the best and vinyl siding services which consist of our form-fitting insulation. With our form-fitting insulation, you would never have to pay for unnecessary or oversized materials. Another great feature about vinyl siding is that it provides a great and strong installations so that you will never have to pay and repaint your house over and over again! Vinyl siding not only works on wood houses, he also works on brick houses too. And because of its material you will never have to worry about rotten wood! Sounds like you know when and to me, don’t you think?

Another amazing services that we provide is our seamless gutter services. With the traditional seams gutters, throughout years of wears and tears, it is almost inevitable to have water leak since most of them are pieced together by 10 or 20 different parts. With our seamless gutters, we use full-length materials for all sides of your house so that we can solve the water leak problems once for all!

Overall, what’s special and great about us is we are honest dependable workers who cares about you! We will never leave you hanging with any of your problems, we were never leave your house with any nails, scraps, or debris sitting around. We take care of you like we take care of our family. Give us a call at 903-456-9956 to get a free estimate to get started working on your beautiful house! Or visits us at to check on some of our crying testimonies and some beautiful pictures of our work. We hope to hear from you soon!

We Will Beat Our The Competition Because We’re The Top Roofer Greenville TX Has!


The roofer Greenville TX from Roofing & Siding Smiths will provide you with the best roofing services in the whole Texas area. Roofing & Siding Smiths was founded in January 2006 and has been serving the community with a heart ever since. Our owner, Zach Potts, worked as a subcontractor before he started his own company and he had realized the biggest problem of this industry is that the majority of contractors did not care about the quality of their work. They most likely just showed up to get the job done as fast as possible so they can get paid and not really looking out for the best interest for customers. Zach was dedicated to start a company and serve his community with honest dependable people who take pride in what they do take care about the quality of the work.

Our services by Roofer Greenville TX are all customer orientated and looking out the best interest of our customers with the best quality of our work. We quote you with a reasonable pricing for exactly what you will spend. Our vinyl siding installation services provides a form-fitting product. With that form-fitting material, there will never be any unnecessary or overused materials. This material of insulation can also solve your problem for having to paint and repaint your house! Can you imagine how much time and hassle you can save? Furthermore, with the insulation on the wall, we use soffit vents do that it can help with cooling your attic, result your shingles will also last much longer than usual. After all who doesn’t like a cool attic and long-lasting shingles?

With our window repairing services by Roofer Greenville TX from Roofing & Siding Smiths, you can guarantee to have a better outlook of your house. This is something that you don’t realize how much difference he can make it until you make that replacement. After the replacement, the differences on the outlook of your house often surprise our customers! Another amazing factor is, by replacing windows, you can actually save up to 40% on your electric bills! On average, a US home can save up to hundred and $126-$465 a year just by replacing a single-pane window! What a difference that can make!

Do not trust any of your relatives who claims to be an expert on fixing roofs because we have heard and say enough stories about how “grea” of a job they can do in and out causing more damage and money into fix it. Leave the professional work to us professionals! With our dependable roofing services, you can always count on us to fix any problems that you have with complete customer satisfaction. If there is ever any problems, you can always come to us to come back and fix whatever it is that you need. We would never be one of those companies who you can’t get in touch with them again after the service has been paid.

If you’re interested in saving money and save yourself tons of hassles, do not hesitate to pick up the phone call us at 903-456-9956 to get a free estimate! You can also hop on our website at to hear about some of our client testimonies. We look forward to hear from me whenever you’re ready to start working on your beautiful home!