Here at Roofing & Siding Simths, we have the best Roofer Greenville TX. We thrive for the best customer service to see the whole Texas area. Sure the quality of our work as we take pride into what we do. Your professional, flawless job every single time. Our workers bring the best energy with them and listen to our customers in fullfilling exactly what they need.

The owner of the company, Zach Potts, was a Roofer Greenville TX himself. When he first started in the business, he worked as subcontractor. Zach quickly discovered that the majority of these contracting companies only claims to care about their customers. For the first eight hours to 10 hours, they come up with this great sales pitch to the customers, quote them a price that way overpriced, and hand the job over to the roofers expecting them to live up to that all realistic expectations that they describe in their pitched. Most of the contractors only actually care about how fast they can get a job done and get paid. Zach had seen enough, experienced enough and finally he decided to start his own company because he wants to run business where his customers are actually the first priority.

Roofer Greenville TX at Roofing & Siding Simths provide reliable and dependable services with great quality. We believe, in order to run a great business, first thing we need to do is to listen to our customers. The communications between the homeowners and the contractors can make a break a project. Therefore all our services are focused on the safty and convenience of our customers. With communicate with you and quote you an clear end price that will never change. We have done thousands and thousands of projects, so we’re confident in our pricing and we are also honest about telling you exactly how much you need to spend and nothing more.

Our services can break down into four main areas which are roofing, siding, window repairing, and gutters. We pay special attention to the quality of for work. For example, will provide vinyl siding that has a great installation so you will never have to paint and repaint your house over and over again! We also provide seamless guttering services where we use full-length materials for all sides of your house and not having to piece together 10, 20 different pieces. This way we can prevent water leaking once and for all! With window repairing, you won’t even realize how much better your house can look until you fix that broken old windows with beautiful and working ones!

Contact us at 903-456-9956 for a free estimate or visit us at to check out some client testimonies or some pictures of our work. Our amazing team is always here for you to return your calls and provide you with exactly what you need!

Want A Roofer Greenville TX Has That Will Comply?


Roofing & Siding Simths has the best Roofer Greenville TX. Roofing & Siding Simths started in January 2006 and since then we have done thousands and thousands of projects including roofing, siding, seamless gutters and window replacements. Our first priority is always our customer satisfactions. We guaranteed that we do not leave your house without your satisfactions. We are professionals who care about the quality of our works and we take pride into what we do. So let me tell you about some of accident services that we provide.

Roofer Greenville TX does a great roofing job and we do everything professionally and flawlessly. Have you ever had a relative, maybe your grandpa or uncle, who claims to be an expert on repairing roofs? How was the outcome? More than likely they end up causing more damage to the house. We will provide you with all the dependable products and we ensure every single one of our services is to the best of the quality. If there is ever any problem or issues, you will never have any issues communicating those problems with us because even after we leave you can always count on us to come back and fix the problem with almost free of charge. We’re happy to do whatever you takes to make sure our customers walk away happy.

We also provide window replacement services here at Roofing & Siding Simths as the best Roofer Greenville TX. Our window replacement services includes replacing entry doors, sliding glass doors, or any doors of windows that you have in your house. Did you know that on a average, the US home can save up to $126 to $465 a year on intellectual bills just by replacing a single-pane windows!? By replacing your windows, it can also change the outlook of your home. You won’t even realize how much a difference it can make until you actually replace them! Aren’t you excited to find out the difference?

Another amazing services that we provide here at Roofing & Siding Simths is seamless gutters services. Seamless gutters services are designed to fix the problem of water leaking and keep the moisture out of your foundation. With the traditional seems gutters, it requires a gutter that is consistent of 10, 20 different pieces connected and put together. Throughout the years with wears and tears, it is almost inevitable that water will be out of the seams. With the seamless gutters, we use full-length materials for all sides of your buildings so that you will never have to worry about a water leak again!

After hearing about our amazing services, if you are in for saving money and saving you the hassle, or visit us at to learn more about our services, or contacts us at 903-456-9956 to get a free estimate from one of our amazing team memebers to get started working on your beautiful home! Let us show you what we can do!