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Does how you install a product make a difference? Today I want to talk to you about metal roofing. I want to talk to you about roofing and siding Smiths installation methods as your roofing contractor Rockwall Texas. We believe that we have found a great way to install metal roofing on residential homes with or without the shingles still on the home as your roofing contractor Rockwall Texas. We believe that our 14 years of experience brings us a vast knowledge of these products. We’ve even experienced the way we install our metal roofing on our own homes. My personal home has been through a tornado. Many of the other homes on my farm to market road had their metal roofs blown off, several pieces, some the entirety of, so we’ve noticed things about those roofs, how they were installed and why it didn’t work. Today is your roofing contractor, Rockwall Texas. I want to talk to you about how we do it.

First let’s talk about whether or not you need to remove the shingles. If you think or we think that you have rotten decking, then we definitely want to remove the shingles, make those repairs, that a way the product that’s underneath everything is strong, secure, and what we’re fastening to will be good. But if you have a good deck and you’re wanting to save some money as well as, uh, add to the installation of your home, you can leave the shingles on. This is great for the environment. Many people may say, well, what about the weight? The great thing about these steel sheets is they weigh significantly less than asphalt shingles. So putting a layer of metal over one layer of shingles is totally acceptable by code and by our own experiences as your roofing contractor, Rockwall, Texas, we think that this is a great way to save adding materials to our landfills as well as, uh, lower the sound from rain on your metal roof by having this layer of asphalt in between the metal, the decking, and your attic.


One thing we do believe though is that you shouldn’t apply the metal directly to the shingles with have a theory that this soft layer, uh, allows the screws in the materials to be able to back out. We’ve experienced this when we’ve done repairs on projects that we did it install originally we’ve seen the screws out. We believe that the decking and the asphalt shingles allows for movement, which eventually allows the wind and whatnot to allow these screws to back out, thus causing leaks. Because when you have an exposed fastener system on your metal roof, you need that rubber grommet to be squished so that it keeps the water out of the hole that the screw has pierced in the metal products as your roofing contractor Rockwall, Texas, we truly believe this is not the best way. Now what we do different is we install one by for laughing over the shingles.

We Fasten the lathing to your roof using screws going into your joists. Now, why is this so important? If you just nail it, what you could have is you have the steel sheets screwed to the laughing with the nails nailed to the roof and this will allow wind to treat your metal roof like a wind sail and it could pick it up and pull the labs and the metal off at the same time. I personally believe this is why my own roof has held up so well, even though it’s been through a tornado. I don’t have one screw that is backed out over the course of 10 years. It’s all very sturdy. Nothing is loose here at roofing and siding some ass. You’re roofing contractor, Rockwall, Texas. We believe that this one thing makes a world of difference with your metal roof installation. Now we install these lads typically on a 32 inch span going all light up the roof.

These one by fours are fastened using two screws in each joist and this allows us to make sure that when we install the metal roof that as we put the screws in, we hit the center of the one before laving that away. We don’t accidentally hit one of the screw heads on our labs. Creating a problem where we have a hole in the metal that can’t be sealed nail is your roofing contractor, Rockwall Texas. We know that having a hole that’s only plugged with silicone or something is eventually going to fail. So as we put the sheets up in between every rib on every lab there will be a fastener. One thing we also do different as we installed two fasteners between every rib at the bottom of the roof, this is going to be the point of the sheet that catches the most wind and so we want to install two fasteners, thus giving the roof more strength and wind resistance as a roofing rock is a roofing contractor Rockwall Texas.

We know that this is going to make this roof last the entirety of the 40 years. That painting warranty covers. If you buy a roof that you expect to last 40 years because the finish on the product will last that long. Don’t you want your fasteners and the insulation to last that long as well as your roofing contractor Rockwall, Texas. We believe that is the best. The small differences, small details or what make the difference. We’ve noticed products that have a 40 and 50 year life expectancy only last 10 to 20 years because they were installed improperly. It could create rot if you could create all kinds of problems. So give us a call today at roofing and siding Smith, your roofing contractor Rockwall Texas nine zero three four five six nine five six have a great day and thank you for trusting us with all of your home exterior needs. Give us a call today for your free estimate. Metal roofing is a great product as your roofing contractor Rockwall Texas. We know you’ll be pleased for years to come.