Roofing Rockwall Texas | Got Some Bad Weather Coming?

With the recent bad weather you might be starting to notice some wind or hail damage to your roofing rockwall texas or your siding, roofing and siding smiths is the roofing rockwall texas contractor for your project. We also do gutter installation and replacement and window replacement, gutters are important during the raining seasons to help manage and maintain water flow and direction so there is no flooding in your yard or standing water that takes forever to dry. We can’t wait to help you with your future home project and give you an estimate on what you are looking to repair or replace on your roofing rockwall texas home project.
Another important spreadsheet we use is an expense tracking sheet, this helps us track what our monthly spending is on all the avenues that we spend money on such as building rent, materials for the projects, gas and maintenance for our work trucks, returns we make on products, the advertising we do, general liability insurance, vehicle insurance, food, dump fees, cell phones, internet, office supplies, clothes, CPA, taxes, estimated taxes, credit card fees, rtx, ntx fab, hotels, w2 payroll, and the 8 1099 employees we have, by tracking this we are able to see what our monthly expenses are and how much we are spending on different things, the only expense we do not log is our lowes bill for our materials because they send us a monthly bill for all our total purchases, which is easier to keep track of rather than hundreds of receipts to keep track of at the end of the month.
We like to call all our previous customers to schedule free inspection appointments to make sure the work we performed for them is holding up and performing as it should without any problems, we also like to look at other aspects of work that might need to be done that we did not perform for them to point out any damage there might be, for instance, if we replaced your gutters we would make sure that there are no leaks or problems with your gutters as well as look at any windows that could need replacing, siding that is damaged from storm or just needs to be replaced, and also look at your roof for any hail, wind, or storm damage and to make sure there wont be any future problems that need to be fixed, after we complete the inspection if we do find any damage we will write up a quote for free for you to look at and consider.
We know that insurance can sometimes be difficult or confusing, if you are experiencing this please call us and tell us what the problem is and often times we will reach out to the insurance company for you to advocate on your behalf no matter what the hold up is, whether it be that insurance has decided to not cover parts of your roofing rockwall tx, missing some damage on your roof or thinking your roof does not qualify for insurance coverage. We can call on your behalf and speak to the agent or adjuster to talk about why your roofing rockwall tx does fall within the qualifications to be covered by insurance. If insurance is not sending you the itemized list papers of what they are covering you can always call our office with your claim number and we can call them for you and see why papers are not getting sent and potentially get some clarification.

Want Some Roofing Rockwall Texas Work Before a Big Storm?

We put our customer service above everything else and make sure homeowners have a good experience from the first phone call to the completion of the job. We always do what wecan to make the experience of getting a new roof or any other new project as easy and fast as possible. We always make sure to help out where we can with whatever questions or concerns they might have to make them feel comfortable about any problems that may arise.From the first day to the last day of the job we make sure that our crews are puttingcleanliness at the top of their list so we are keeping your home and yard clean and hazard free,we know it could be frustrating to pay thousands of dollars for work and then having to comebehind those workers and clean up their mess, and that is why we make sure our crews arekeeping their worksights as clean as possible.When you call us to schedule your appointment for roofing, siding, gutters, or windowswe always make sure we put that appointment on our calendars and make sure you know theappointment date and time so we are being considerate of your schedule and work around anyconflicts you might have. We never show up unannounced or without talking to you and scheduling the time.After we have given you a bid on a new project we always make sure to give you a solid and accurate bid, we will never change the price without your prompting, the bid we give you for the work will be doing is always on-budget. Things that might change the total price of your job would be if you added paint to the job scope, upgraded to a higher price shingle or metal roof type. We never change the price of a job in the middle of doing a job, we always work all of the price situations out before we start the job.
With the work that we do we offer a 5 year labor warranty on any jobs we do, and the manufacturer of the materials offer lifetime warranty guarantees, if there is a problem with the product that could not have been from being damaged from storms or any other outside factor.
We have over 175 five star reviews on google from previous customers saying how much they loved working with us and how great the work we performed was. Please visit our google reviews, and call us at 903-456-9956 to schedule an appointment and visit our website at roofingandsidingsmiths to learn more about our company.