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Hey there. It’s Zach with roofing and siding Smiths roofing Rockwall Texas. Today I want to talk to you guys a little bit about roofing, specifically metal roofing. Have you ever wondered how much metal roofing costs, what the benefits over asphalt shingles would be if you had metal roofing installed on your home? We want to bring you information today to keep you informed up to date and in the know all about metal roofing. Today specifically we’re going to be talking about a three foot wide sheet metal. Now our metal is 26 gauge steel. We have a galvanized panel as well as painted. We know that many people like the look of both the differences. If you go with a galvalume finish, you have a 10 year finish warranty on this product. This product was originally intended to be used for commercial applications with low slope roofs where you don’t typically see the material unless you’re really far away.

Your galvalume has the kind of old barn metal finish look on it. It’s silver that starts to darken and change colors a little bit the older it gets. But as we’ve noticed here at roofing and siding Smiths, roofing Rockwall Texas, a lot of people love this look. We’ve installed this color panel on many homes, both in the country and in town. Traditionally people think of metal roofing as being something that’s installed in the country. It’s becoming more and more popular and many homes in town have it as well. Now, if you’re wanting to get a painted finish on your metal sheets here as your roofing Rockwall Texas contractor, we know that our 30 and 40 year warranty on the paint finish will last you almost a lifetime. Now these colors, many different options that we do have are um, from Valspar. Many of you have probably heard of this name. It’s well known in the paint industry as well as it has weather XL technology. We have polar white light, stone tan sand tote ashtray, charcoal gray, black Hawaiian blue gallery, blue rustic red, Crimson red colony, green Hunter, green farm, green copper, metallic burgundy, Coco Brown burnished slate, and galvalume.

Here at roofing and siding Smiths. Number one choice. We know that these color options will serve you for many years to come. They’ll give your home a great accent. They’ll match and coordinate with whatever color your home is painted and I’m sure we can find an option that would work for you today. So give us a call over here at roofing and siding Smith as we try to be the best contractor that we can be.

Okay, Now let’s talk about panel selection. There’s a couple of different styles that are typically used for these three foot wide exposed fastener systems. We have the PBR panel also known as our panel. It’s a three foot watch sheet. It has a one foot spacing between the tall ridges as well as a couple of ripples in between each of the high ribs that help keep the product from oil caning. When you have wide flat sheets of metal, it has a tendency to want to warp an oil can, so to speak. This helps prevent that. It also helps with rigidity and strength. A 26 gauge steel sheet is a very sturdy panel. We’ve installed sheets up to 30 feet long and we’ve not had any of them banned or crinkle from handling as we carry them up onto the roof. The our panel or PBR panel, uh, has a one and a quarter inch height projection on the high ribs at roofing and siding Smiths your roofing Rockwall Texas contractor.

We know that this look fascinates many people. When is it a top choice among many who get the metal roof systems? We also have our panel lock plus. This sheet is also three foot wide. It has a nine inch space in between the high ribs and the high ribs are three quarters of an inch in height. This changes the look up a little bit. The profile slightly shorter has a few more ribs, but many people will feel like this is better for residential use because it’s not quite as bulky in commercial looking as roofing Rockwall Texas contractors, we know that this panel will bring you a longevity, great looks aesthetic appeal to your home. So if you’re wondering if this is the choice for you, have us come out, bring it, bring some samples to your home and show you what some options would be.

Now I mentioned 26 gauge steel. There’s 26 gauge steel carries a UL 2218 certification for impact resistance. What this means for you most of the time, this means that you get a discount on your homeowners premiums every year for the entirety of the time that you have the metal roofing system is your roofing Rockwall Texas contractor. We know that this could bring you joy as saving money is always a great option. Now, most of our customers upgrade to this new steel roofing system when they already are being paid for hail damage for their asphalt roof. This system does cost a little bit more than the shingles. So give us a call today as you’re contractor here at roofing and siding Smiths. We’d love to give you a free estimate. (903) 456-9956. Have a great day.