Roofing and siding smiths is the roofing rockwall texas contractor for your future exterior home project, whether it be roofing, siding, windows, or gutters we are ready to give you an estimate or bid on getting you an updated look or fixing something broken or leaking on your home, our estimates are always free and we would love to help you out with getting your home fixed up or rejuvenated look, we are just a call or email away to schedule an estimate appointment with one of our roofing rockwall texas, siding, gutter or window sales men, we have two very good sales men who would love to come out and give you an estimate on your new roofing rockwall texas project and help you figure out what product and material is the best choice for your project, we have tons of options with colors, materials, and measurements, our sales men have folders that have a ton of information about all the materials we can offer, we call these our sales folders. In this folder there is a piece of paper that tells about our customer about what our customer process entails, this helps the customer see what step of their roofing rockwall texas project they are in and helps them see if there is something they need to do.
Our customer process starts off with the scheduling of the estimate, once the estimate has been completed our sales man will draw up a bid or proposal estimate on your future project, after the bid has been completed and given to the customer we will leave that estimate with the customers for a few days before calling them back to check in on them and see how they feel about the estimate and if they have any questions or concerns about the estimate or want to change or add anything to the estimate, if they like the estimate and are ready to move forward with the project we will have them sign the contract and then send their information to our project manager who will take their job details and information and order their materials and schedule their job, once their job is moved to the job tracker the office admin will send an invoice to the customer to pay the deposit if it is necessary, with deposits we usually only require a deposit on roofing, siding, and windows. Once the deposit has been paid we will let you know the date of their job, once the job has started we will continue the project until it is finished barring no weather or other unforeseen complication, our crews are dedicated to your project and will normally work until four or five in the evening, our crews also make sure they are keeping their job site clean and continually cleaning to keep the job site safe and hazard free for everyone, once the job has been completed, the crew manager or project manager will walk the job site with you to make sure everything has been completed to your satisfaction and can address any concerns you might have about the project, once this has been completed and the work is to your satisfaction we will send you the final invoice to pay, if you have any questions or problems after the work has been completed and the crew has left please give us a call so we can schedule to have our crew come back out to address any and all questions or problems you might be having.
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In this folder we also give a document that shows what sets us apart from other roofing rockwall texas contractor and makes us the best choice for your roofing rockwall texas projects, we always return your calls, we have a full time office admin who is always available to take and return calls, with other contractors you might never get a call back, or never be able to get ahold of them after you paid them, we always make sure we return calls whether it is your first call or a post job completion call when you are experiencing problems or need a repair.
When we make an appointment to do an estimate we make sure we stick to that appointment unless there is an emergency or there was bad weather and it would be unsafe for the sales man to do the estimate, unlike other roofing rockwall texas contractors we make sure we don’t just show up unannounced or without having an appointment, and we always make sure we are following up on any questions or concerns you might have about your future project.
We also make sure we are sure we are in constant communication with the customer or homeowner so they they know what is going on with their project and have the most accurate information on what stage their project is in, we know it can be frustrating to never hear from your contractors and always be out of the loop and not know what is going on with your project and then have them randomly show up to do the work and never have any communication, or office admin is constantly reaching out to customers to keep them in the loop about their project no matter how big or small.
Roofing and Siding smiths is very adamant about their pricing policy, when we give a bad we make sure it is firm and will not change, we dont want to keep nagging you for money or make you feel that you are backed into a corner and locked in a contract and have to keep giving us money and have your estimate constantly change, we always make sure to include the payment schedule and amount in the proposal or estimate, we will never ask you for money outside of the deposit and completion payment.
We always make sure to keep our jobs super clean and leave the job site hazard free so everyone is safe during and after the job completion