The tracking system we use at roofing and siding smiths is very important to our business and our employees, this helps all of us see what part of the process of the roofing rockwall texas job is in, once the buildertrend contract has been signed we will move your information to s different spreadsheet, this spreadsheet has the same information and categories as our lead tracker does, but the job tracker has a total price column to help the office admin see how much this customer job costs to be able to send them an invoice for their deposit or their total at the end of the job, the general rule for sending out invoiced entails that if the job is over three thousand dollars then we generally do not require a deposit, unless it is for siding, windows, or roofing rockwall texas, if we are needing a deposit we highlight the job or information yellow, if no deposit is needed or the deposit has been paid the color will change to green to let our project manager know that he can go ahead and order materials and schedule the job, once the materials have been ordered and delivered the job highlight color will turn to light or bright blue, once the job has been started we will change the color to orange to let the employee know that job is being worked on and can be ready or prepared to send out the final invoice, finally once the job has been completed the highlight color will change to pink to let the office admin know that the work is done and the invoice needs to be send out to the customer if it has not already been sent previously, once the invoice has been sent out the color will change to dark blue to let our boss know we are waiting on the final check or payment to be made, this can be by check, cash, credit card or debit card, or a cashiers check or money order, we accept all forms of payment to make this easy on the customers to be able to pay their bill as soon as they can, once the job has been completed and final payment has been received we will turn the highlight dark grey to let everyone know there is nothing else that needs to be done with the job and that they office admin can send out the google review email to the customer so they can help us with boosting our online presence and create future jobs and meet future customers. If the customer calls and says there is a problem with the work we have performed we will change the color to red to let the project manager, the lead sales man on that team, and the boss know there is extra work that need to be done or work that needs to be repaired, and to send out a crew member or the project manager to fix the problem as soon as we possibly can, once that problem is resolved we will turn the highlight color back to dark grey to let everyone know the job is again fully completed and we can filter it out of our projects that are not complete.
Roofing Rockwall Texas | Get Some Great Work Executed
There are tons of things that make roofing and siding smiths the best roofing rockwall texas contractor, here are some of the reasons and the difference between roofing and siding Smiths, your roofer rockwall texas contractor, and other typical Texas contractors. So first off we always return calls, whether it’s your first call or your post completion call, we always pick up and respond within one business day. Whereas with other contractors, you may experience that their policy is a hit or miss. You can hear from them soon or never. It’s the roll of dice .When it comes to other Texas contractors, their calendars are nonexistent and they’re adamant about not needing a calendar. Unfortunately, that means you will have to follow up with them,but at riffing inciting, Smith’s your roofer rockwall Texas contractor. We are adamant about scheduling clear appointments and following up on deadlines, you will always know what’s happening, which leads us to our next point, that we are always clear and upfront with communication.
We are human and unexpected things happen. In each instance, we communicate exactly what is going on so that our customer has the most accurate information on their roofer hunt County Texas project. Whereas with other typical Texas contractors, their communication is more ofa hide and go seek game due to the rushed nature of most contractors.They’re just worried about their next job. That means they cut corners, cover up and sugarcoat problems.
Everything inciting Smiths, we offer a permanent pricing policy. When we give a bid, it is firm and we don’t want a $20 you to death. On top of that, you will only expect deposits or draws as outlined in your contract. Other contractors will constantly change the costs. Their estimate might not even be close to correct. And they may call you constantly asking for more money.And on top of that, they will unpredictably ask for draws.
And finally, as discussed in our customer, we always keep our jobs super clean. We know this is your home that you love. So we keep our projects organized during installation and leave it even better than when we started.Other contractors will leave super messy jobs and you’ll come back to your house. After a long day of work to see a war zone in your yard, how parts of work sites should never be the standard.
Please call our office 903-456-9956 or visit our website at to see more information and check out our over one hundred and eighty google reviews, as well as our reviews on other sites we use for advertisement such as home advisor, yelp, and thumbtack to see what our customers are saying about how good our work is on those platforms.