With all the recent bad weather we have been having, between, heavy rain, crazy and fast winds, hail damage, and even damage with the recent hurricane you might notice some damage to your roofing rockwall texas, siding, gutters, and potentially even your windows, but roofing and siding smiths, your roofing rockwall texas contractors are here to help with getting this damage fixed and replaced as soon as possible, even if you are not aware of any damage it is always good to still have us come and do an estimate just in case there is any damage so we can prevent further any more or worse damage, and it is always good to know what condition your roofing rockwall texas is in for many reasons and can benefit you with your insurance. More often than not, with a roofing rockwall texas, gutters, windows, or siding having storm damage they will often cover and pay for everything that was damaged so you are out of pocket for little to nothing other than your deductible. For all questions about potential storm damage to the exterior of your home please call our office at 933-456-9956 and if you have questions about insurance we can sometimes answer those, but we recommend talking to your insurance adjuster about storm damage and what your policy or plan covers.
After you have decided to use roofing and siding as your roofer rockwall texas contractor and you have signed the proposal and contract on buildertrend we will send an invoice to you to pay the fifty percent deposit, once the deposit is paid we will order materials and start to schedule your job, we use a tracking system to keep track of all the details once the proposal has been approved and signed, this lets us know what stage of the process your project is in for getting your roofing rockwall texas repaired or replaced. We use a color coding system to keep everyone involved in the process up to date on the progress of your roofing rockwall texas job, we highlight yellow for when the deposit it needed, green when the deposit is paid and our project manager or sales staff can order materials and start to schedule the job, once the project manager or office assistant has confirmed the start date with the crew and the homeowner we change the color to a light blue to let everyone know that the job has been scheduled, when the job has started and is in progress we change the color to orange.

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Once the roofing rockwall texas project is complete we will change the color to bright pink so the office admin knows to sent out or make the invoice to send to the customer or to send to the insurance company to release the depreciation check to the customer to send to us to have payment completed, after the invoices have been sent out to all the parties that need to view the invoice we will change the color to a dark blue to let the office assistant know that we are in the waiting for payment stage of the project and there is no other work that needs to be done with that project, and finally once the job is completed and to the project manager and customers satisfaction we have received all the payments we change the color or gray and change the status to complete so we can close out the project and ticket, if there are any customer complaints we highlight the color to red to notify our project manager that there is a problem with this job and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible, this could be something like there is a leak or the gutters are not holding up as well as they should have been, most of the time these problems are easily fixable and can be done very quickly, but if it is a problem that is more dense we will do everything we can to make sure we get to fixing this problem as soon as we possibly can. If you call our office after hours to report a problem please leave a message for our project manager so he can get back to you as soon as possible the next business day to get your problem taken care of in a timely manner. Our office number is 903-456-9956 and to reach our project manager you can press option 2 when leaving a message to reach him directly.
We pride ourselves on having the best customer service we possibly can, we always make sure we are answering the phones, texts and emails during business hours, and if it is outside of business hours we make sure we return the message the next business day as soon as we possibly can, we are always available for any questions, comments or concerns you might have about your roofing rockwall texas job, or your siding, windows, or gutters, we have an excellent pair of salesmen who are very knowledgeable about all the products, services, and materials we have to offer, and an amazing project manager who can answer any questions about the jobs that are in process.
When you call to make an appointment for an estimate for siding, roofing, windows, or gutters we make sure we schedule a specific time in the day that works with your schedule so you know when we are coming to give you the estimate and don’t have to plan your entire day around waiting for our estimators to come out and give you an estimate or a bid.
Once our sales men give you an estimate for the scope of work you want done we always take our time with drawing up those prices so we know those are set prices and they will not change, we are not like most companies and contractors that will keep adding to the price and keep asking for more and more money, we take pride in giving you a solid and firm estimate