If you have storm damage such as wind, hail, leaks, or more severe damage on your roofing rockwall texas , siding, gutters, or windows roofing and siding smiths is the roofing rockwall texas contractor to call! We work closely with you and insurance to make sure your storm affected house is covered and replaced as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing any damage to your home from storms please call our office at 903-456-9956 or visit our website at roofingandsidingsmiths.com to inquire about getting an estimate for your home.
As an administrative assistant for roofing and siding smiths I do a lot of the tracking part of the company, sending invoices, dealing with insurance, making phone calls, sending emails, setting appointments, following up on estimates, taking questions and tracking expenses. When you call our office to set up an estimate appointment as the admin assistant i will take your name, phone number, email address, address, details about the work you’re looking to have done, from there i sent a confrontational email about the appointment date and time and will follow up the day of the appointment to make sure that appointment is still a good time to meet with you at the house. I am also responsible for tracking all parts of the process from the first phone call to the last nail in your roofing rockwall texas. I also send invoices and am responsible for keeping payment in order and follow up on late payments and answering any questions about payment options. We also send invoices to insurance when all the work is complete to have the deprecation released and follow up with them to make sure everything is going smoothly on their end and give them any information they need to cover more of the work needing to be done or to release the depreciation. I also make follow up calls about the estimates and for any questions or concerns that might arise, follow ups might also come in the form of a text or email for those who are hard to get a hold of from a phone call.
I also take phone calls that answer questions about any future projects or current ongoing projects, if for some reason i am unable to answer the questions i will wither try and transfer you to our project manager or one of our salesmen, or if they are unavailable i will take a message and have them call you at their earliest convenience. When you call to make your estimate appointment there are a few questions I have to ask to make sure we understand what scope of work you are looking for such as all the details you know about the problem you are having, for example if the roof is leaking is is because there was a rough storm recently, or has it been a slow over time leak. We also ask about what kind of price you are looking for, if there will be insurance involved so we can work around having an adjuster appointment and getting insurance papers so the process with insurance is much smoother and faster, we also ask if there is a timeframe you are looking for to start and finish your project and we do our best to work you in that wanted time frame, but it will depend on how busy we are with finishing other projects as well as keeping an eye on what the weather is going to be like and if they are workable conditions

Roofing Rockwall Texas | We’re Great at Communication

We have amazing customer service, from the first phone call you make to us to the last call we have or the last time you see our crew at your house. We know your home and your future project is important to you, so it is also important to us. We make sure to follow up oncalls, text messages, voicemails,and emails to help you with whatever you might need whether it be for an estimate or questions regarding your ongoing current project.
At the end of the job we make sure we keep our job sites super clean and as hazard free as possible so you do not have to worry about any harm that might come to you, those around you, or your cars. We prefer to have set and scheduled appointments so we are working around your schedule to give you the estimate on your roofing rockwall texas siding, windows, or gutters,so we can discuss all the details, questions, and concerns you might have during the estimate.
Unlike some companies we make sure we are giving you a firm price and estimate on your new project job, other companies will sometimes try to keep adding on money to your bidin the middle and at the end of them finishing the work, we make sure we always give a firm price for your project so you do not experience any surprises or conflicts at the end of the jobOn all of the products and materials the manufacturer offers lifetime limited warranty and we offer a five year labor warranty, just in case something happens to the new job that we might have made a mistake on or it was made wrong by the manufacturer we will take care of itto make sure we can replace whatever needs replacing.
We have tons of five star reviews on google that we would love for you to check on to see why our customers love working with us and our company as your trusted roofing rockwall texas contractor. Please feel free to see these reviews and look at the amazing reviews and work our crew does, we look forward to hearing from you about your project, please call our office at 903-456-9956 or visit our website at roofingandsidingsmiths.com. Or email us at officeadmin@roofingandsidingsmiths.com.