Roofing and siding smiths is the best roofing rockwall texas contractor, as a company we pride ourselves on striving to be the best roofing rockwall texas company for you, we make sure we are always delivering the best customer service, labor, and workmanship possible, we always put first our best customer service and work no matter what the job is or who the customer is, we value all our customers equally and do anything and everything we can do to make this the best experience with a roofing rockwall texas company you have ever had in the past, we make getting a new roof or a roof repair as easy and painless as possible for everyone involved in the process, we keep our business process very easy and understandable, once we have done an estimate for you we sent you as estimate, you will approve that estimate, we will send an invoice for you to pay the deposit, once the deposit has been paid we will order the materials and give you an estimated date on when we can start the job, after the job is completed we will send you a final invoice and that is the last piece of getting your roofing rockwall texas repaired, we will also send a link to a google review and ask you to please give us a review to help our future and potential customers know what sets us apart from other roofing rockwall texas companies, these reviews are also incredibly helpful for the office staff, the sales men, the crew members, and the project manager, this lets all of us know that our crew is going their job and reaching the high standard that our boss holds us to daily on every job we complete, not matter how big or small.
As a roofing company we like to have a good relationship with insurance companies as on many jobs we have to work with the insurance companies and agents very closely on getting your roofing job covered and paid for with little to no out of pocket cost other than your deductible, to better our reputation and relationships with insurance companies we always like to show them that we appreciate their help in this process by catering and taking them lunch or drop of donuts in the morning or little afternoon pick me ups like snacks or cookies in the afternoons, this lets them know we appreciate them and hope they continue to send business our way by recommending them to their clients or friends and family.
Roofing Rockwall Texas | Get Your Project Done Super Good
Some other things that set our company aside from your typical Texas contractors would be that we always return your calls, whether it is your first call or the post completion call, we will always pick up and respond to you within one business day. Other roofing rockwall texas contractors. They’ll see if they respond. Their policy is a hit or miss. You can hear from them soon or never.It’s a roll of the dice. Our roofing rockwall texas company always makes appointments and follow ups. We are adamant about scheduling and clear appointments and follow up on deadlines. You’ll always know what is happening as compared to other gutter Greenville Texas contractors, they are adamant about not needing a calendar. So unfortunately that means you will have to follow up for them at black land, seamless gutters, your gutter Greenville Texascontractor. We are clear and upfront with our communication.We are all human and unexpected things happen. In each instance, we communicate exactly what is going on so that our customers have the most accurate information on thier roofing, siding, gutter, or window project
Other contractors we’ll play a hide and seek communication game due to the rushed nature of most contractors, they are just worried about the next job. That Means they cut corners, cover up and sugarcoat problems that may arise with your roofing, siding, window or gutter installation, and job.
We also have a permanent pricing policy. When we give a bid, it is firm. We don’t want to $20 you to depth on top of that, you will only expect deposits or draws as outlined in our contract. With other typical Texas contractors, they will constantly be changing costs. Their estimate may not even be close to correct. They may call you constantly asking for more, for more money on top of that. They will unpredictably ask for it. We also keep our gutter, siding, roofing and show jobs, super clean. We know this is your home that you love.
So we keep our projects organized during installation and leave it better than when we started asking paired to other contractors, they will leave super messy jobs and you will come home after a long day of work to see a war zone in your home. Haphazard worksites should never be the standard and are never the standard within roofing and siding smiths, we are always held to the highest standards at each and every jobsite.
If you are looking for an estimate on roofing, siding, gutters, or windows we would love the opportunity to give you an estimate on your future project and have the chance to work with you and show you how good our work is. You can reach or office at 903-456-9956 or visit our website at roofing and siding smiths .com
You can also look at our google reviews and see why or customers love or crew and why they chose our company over any other contractors in the area that gave them bids or estimates, we also have reviews on yelp, thumbtack, and homeadvisor that are all 5 stars, we have a very good reputation without previous customers and we very much appreciate their contribution to the growth, expansion and, success of our company, without these reviews and help we would not be as successful as we are today.