Roofing and siding smiths is the roofing rockwall texas contractor for your future exterior home project, whether it be roofing, vinyl siding, windows, or gutters we are ready to give you an estimate or bid on getting you an updated look or fixing something broken or leaking on your home, our estimates are always free and we would love to help you out with getting your home fixed up or rejuvenated look, we are just a call or email away to schedule an estimate appointment with one of our roofing rockwall texas, siding, gutter or window sales men, we have two very good sales men who would love to come out and give you an estimate on your new roofing rockwall texas project and help you figure out what product and material is the best choice for your project, we have tons of options with colors, materials, and measurements, our sales men have folders that have a ton of information about all the siding materials we can offer, we call these our sales folders. In this folder there is are a few flyers and packets that have information on the different types of siding materials we can offer, such as structured eps insulated siding, and carvedwood 44 siding, in these flyers it details a lot of information about the benefits of vinyl siding, the colors we can offer, and the measurements and specifications of the siding we have.
With carved wood 44 siding they offer a t-2 lok, which delivers a positive locking action, the wind speed for this siding is rated at 200 miles per hour wind resistance and more thickness for higher rated impact resistance, there is a 50 plus year warranty on this siding, and it requires no paint, no stain, and no hassle for the homeowners, this siding delivers strength, durability, and the beauty of real wood with endless designs options between 23 colors, five profiles and 2 different kinds of finishes – smooth and wood grain, with the new hang- tough technology this boosts the durability of the panels so they are more resistant to cracking, impact, or thermal distortion, and virtually eliminate the appearance of any nicks, chips, or minor surface scratches.
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In this folder we also give a document that shows what sets us apart from other roofing rockwall texas contractor and makes us the best choice for your roofing rockwall texas projects, we always return your calls, we have a full time office admin who is always available to take and return calls, with other contractors you might never get a call back, or never be able to get ahold of them after you paid them, we always make sure we return calls whether it is your first call or a post job completion call when you are experiencing problems or need a repair.
When we make an appointment to do an estimate we make sure we stick to that appointment unless there is an emergency or there was bad weather and it would be unsafe for the sales man to do the estimate, unlike other roofing rockwall texas contractors we make sure we don’t just show up unannounced or without having an appointment, and we always make sure we are following up on any questions or concerns you might have about your future project.
We also make sure we are sure we are in constant communication with the customer or homeowner so they they know what is going on with their siding project and have the most accurate information on what stage their project is in, we know it can be frustrating to never hear from your contractors and always be out of the loop and not know what is going on with your project and then have them randomly show up to do the work and never have any communication, or office admin is constantly reaching out to customers to keep them in the loop about their project no matter how big or small.
Roofing and Siding smiths is very adamant about their pricing policy, when we give a bad we make sure it is firm and will not change, we dont want to keep nagging you for money or make you feel that you are backed into a corner and locked in a contract and have to keep giving us money and have your estimate constantly change, we always make sure to include the payment schedule and amount in the proposal or estimate, we will never ask you for money outside of the deposit and completion payment, and we will never change or alter your price or scope of work unless we talk to you before hand.
We always make sure to keep our jobs super clean and leave the job site hazard free so everyone is safe during and after the job completion, we know it can be stressful to have to worry about cleaning up after the crew leaves as well as keeping yourself and family safe from materials or tools we might use, we also know it can be frustrating to have nails in your tire, so we make sure to clean up so getting a new tire isnt something you have to worry about.
If you are looking for an estimate for a future siding project please feel free to call our office at 903 456 9956 or email us at officeadmin@roofing and siding or visit our website at to send us your information about your future project. We would love to have the opportunity to give you an estimate on your home for all your roofing rockwall texas needs and future projects, we also have over 180 five star reviews on our google page from our previous customers detailing why they loved working with our company and what great work our crews have done on their houses and why the recommend us to their friends and families, we take such pride in our work and it shows with our reviews.