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With the recent bad weather you might be starting to notice some wind or hail damage to your roofing rockwall texas or your siding, roofing and siding smiths is the roofing rockwall texas contractor for your project. We also do gutter installation and replacement and window replacement, gutters are important during the raining seasons to help manage and maintain water flow and direction so there is no flooding in your yard or standing water that takes forever to dry. We can’t wait to help you with your future home project and give you an estimate on what you are looking to repair or replace on your roofing rockwall texas home project.
As the office admin i have a multitude of spreadsheets and documents that I need to keep track of in order for the company to function properly and smoothie so everyone is up to date on all projects, we have talked about the tracking sheet we use for all the current and future projects we are working on and all the details that go into the project. Another spreadsheet we use is a sales tracking sheet, this helps us see what sales we have made for the month and how close we are to monthly goal as well as see what sales man has sold the most projects for that months, we can also see how our sales have been changing over the last year and we can see how much we have sold for the entire year to date. This is helpful in us being able to know and reach our goal by working harder on making sure we are making more sales to meet our monthly goals
With the redecoration of our office we have added even more inspirational quotes to our walls to inspire our employees, our new quote is from jerry west who is a hall of fame NBA point guard for the los angeles lakers where he was an nba finals mvp and champion, he now serves as a nba executive for the los angeles clippers and was voted in 1996 as one of the greatest 50 players in all of nba history, his quote is you cant get much done in life with if you only work on the days when you feel good.
Roofing and siding smiths prides itself on being very different from other roofing rockwall texas contractors and other competitors in the area, we make sure we call customers back if we miss their call or they call outside of our business hours, we know it is important for customers to feel as if they are the most important thing to us and always a priority, we appreciate our customers immensely and do anything and everything we can to make sure they are getting the best care and customer service we can offer them. We also make sure that we are returning texts and emails or website requests as they come in, we do our best to get to them as soon as we possibly can to get their appointment set up or questions answered.

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When connecting with customers who are wanting their roofing rockwall texas replaced or their siding, gutters, or windows replaced we make sure we are making specific appointments and showing up on time when we are expected rather than showing up at random times when you are not expecting us, or when it is an inconvenient time for you and your family, we will never just randomly show up at your house without calling or talking to you first to make sure it is okay, or if you are okay with our sales men being at the house taking measurements without the home owners being there.
There will always be a constant communication between the homeowner, the sales men, the admin assistant, and the project manager, we make sure no information slips through the cracks or gets lost in translation, we know it can be frustrating to not hear from your roofing rockwall texas contractor, so we make sure you are updated with all the details and progress of your roofing rockwall texas project.
After we have given you a price on what your roofing rockwall texas project will cost we make sure we never change that price unless you are adding new work or taking work off the estimate, we can always add or make changes to the estimate, but we will never make these changes without your knowledge or permission, we stick true to our price and will never ask for money outside of what is lined out in the contract, the contract will usually outline the deposit which is usually 50% in most cases for all siding, roofing, and window jobs and the remaining 50% after the work has been completed, in cases of gutters we will usually not ask for a deposit unless the total price comes out to over three thousand dollars, but this is highly unlikely to occur.
We also make sure we are keeping our job sites super super clean to avoid any danger or hazard to the home owners and to the crew and anyone else who is around the jobsite, we would hate to leave a messy job site for you and your family to have to clean our mess and risk the injury of people or other things such as nails in tires.
We are the highest and most reviewed roofing company in the northeast dallas area and we would love the opportunity to bid on your future roofing, siding, gutter, or window project, please feel free to look up our over 200 google reviews from our previous customers detailing out why they loved working with us and what great work we did, we also have reviews on thumbtack, home advisor, better business bureau, and the next door app, we can be reached at 903 456 9956 or at our website at www roofing and siding smiths . com, we cant wait to work with you.