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With the holiday season coming around and having family come into town you might decide to update the look of the exterior of your house or think it is time to replace the roofing rockwall texas or siding, gutters, or windows. We would love for the chance to give you a bid or an estimate on your roofing rockwall texas to help your house look nice and new for the holiday season, we work closely with insurance claims and non insurance claims, with insurance claims we do anything and everything we can to get your roofing rockwall texas or siding project covered by insurance so the cost of a new roof is as little to none to you other than your deductible. We always do everything we can to make the process of getting a new roofing rockwall texas as easy as we possibly can, we also work closely with insurance on siding claims as well, though siding claims are slightly more difficult since we have been in business for over twenty years we are very knowledgeable about all claims with insurance and do anything and everything we can to get your new roofing rockwall texas home exterior covered by insurance.
Another spreadsheet we use is our previous customer list, we use this spreadsheet to contact our past customers from 2009 to 2019 to ask them if they would be interested in having us come out to do a free customer home inspection to make sure the work we did for them whether it be windows, gutters, siding, or roofing rockwall texas, we just like to make sure the work we did is holding up to the weather and is not having problems with the integrity of the material, we also like to look at other areas that we did not work on for that house to make sure they don’t have any other issues with other parts of their house that need to be addressed, especially with the recent atoms within the last few months and years.
Roofing and siding smiths has been in business for over 20 years for installing and repairing roofs, siding, windows, and gutters, we are the top rated and most recommended roofing company in the greenville and rockwall area, we have the best crew members who do amazing work on houses, we have an amazing project manager who handles the crew, the current projects and any project problems that arise, our gutter manager and sales man manages the gutter crew anc schedule as well as do as many as 10 or more estimates on homes for roofing, siding, gutters, and windows, we also have an admin assistant who is in office and keeps track of all paperwork, finances, future and current customers, interview candidates, emails, phone calls, customer service and customer complaints, and the office/business expenses, since our administration assistant is in office monday through friday eight to five she watches over the phones to take care of any calls from future customers, current customers, and past customers.
There are tons of things that make roofing and siding smiths the best roofing rockwall texas contractor, here are some of the reasons and the difference between roofing and sidingSmiths, your roofer rockwall texas contractor, and other typical Texas contractors. So first off we always return calls, whether it’s your first call or your post completion call, we always pick up and respond within one business day. Whereas with other contractors, you may experience that their policy is a hit or miss. You can hear from them soon or never. It’s the roll of dice .

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When it comes to other Texas contractors, their calendars are nonexistent and they’re adamant about not needing a calendar. Unfortunately, that means you will have to follow up with them, but atriffing inciting, Smith’s your roofer rockwall Texas contractor. We are adamant about scheduling clear appointments and following up on deadlines, you will always know what’s happening,which leads us to our next point, that we are always clear and upfront with communication.We are human and unexpected things happen. In each instance, we communicate exactly what is going on so that our customer has the most accurate information on their roofer rockwall Texas project. Whereas with other typical Texas contractors, their communication is more of a hide and go seek game due to the rushed nature of most contractors.They’re just worried about their next job. That means they cut corners, cover up and sugarcoat problems.
At roofing and siding Smiths, we offer a permanent pricing policy. When we give a bid, it is firm and we don’t want a $20 you to death. On top of that, you will only expect deposits or draw as outlined in your contract. Other contractors will constantly change the costs. Their Estimate Might not even be close to correct. And they may call you constantly asking for more money.And on top of that, they will unpredictably ask for draws.And finally, as discussed in our customer, we always keep our jobs super clean. We Know this is your home that you love. So we keep our projects organized during installation and leave it even better than when we started.Other contractors will leave super messy jobs and you’ll come back to your house. After a long day of work to see a war zone in your yard, how parts of work sites should never be the standard.
Please call our office 903-456-9956 or visit our website to see more information and check out our over one hundred and eighty google reviews, as well as our reviews on other sites we use for advertisement such as home advisor, yelp, and thumbtack to see what our customers are saying about how good our work is on those platforms, we would love to have the opportunity to look at your future home project and help you with anything you are kooking to get done, we are open monday thru friday 8 to 5