Roofing and siding smiths, your roofing rockwall texas contractor would love for the opportunity to give an estimate or a bid on your roofing rockwall texas project, or siding, windows, or gutters. Please call our office at 903-456-9956 or visit our website to see all the types of work we do as well as pictures of our work. We have many different positions here at roofing and siding smiths, we have the administrative assistant position, sales staff, project manager, crew members, and crew leaders. All of these positions work very closely together to bring you the best customer service possible, from the first phone call to the last nail in your roofing rockwall texas. We always stay in constant communication with each other to make sure no details slip through the cracks and no information gets forgotten or lost in the process or in translation. We work very hard to make sure the customer is happy with all aspects of the job being complete and encourage them to speak out if they have any questions, concerns, or problems, they can call our office at 903-456-9956 or visit our website at
The sales staff are the ones who go and complete the estimate or bid at the house for roofing, siding, gutters, and windows. They are the experts on all the different kinds of materials we can offer and can help you determine what is best for your situation whether you need a repair or a replacement of whatever kind of project you’re looking to complete. They can also help determine if you would qualify to make an insurance claim so insurance can cover most or all of your project you have going on. Any questions you have regarding the estimate, the scope of work, or the materials our sales staff will be able to answer these questions on site at the estimate. If you have any questions about the price or want to change or add anything to the scope of work our sales staff would also be the person to contact because they will know how best to price those changes.

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The project manager is responsible for scheduling all job start dates and handling any and all problems and concerns, the project manager also handles ordering materials and making sure they are being delivered on time and to the correct place. They also oversee the crew and make sure they are doing their job correctly and that the project is going smoothly. The project manager is the go to guy for any problems that might arise, before, during and after the roofing rockwall texas project.
As opposed to other roofing rockwall texas contractors roofing and siding smiths always puts customers first, and also our customer service, we always make sure that homeowners are happy with their project at all stages of the project, from the first phone call to the last nail in the roofing rockwall texas. We know it can be frustrating to be ghosted by the company doing work for you and to have either a half finished job or be unsatisfied with the work that was done. If you ever have any problems or concerns with the estimate, or the work being done you can call our office to speak to our admin assistant or to our project manager to discuss anything.
After the completion of a job our crew will walk the job to make sure they clean up any debris, materials, and tools. We make sure that our job sites are clean so no harm comes to anyone on the job site, or the people who own the home, we like to have our job sites clean to leave the best impression on the homeowners so they can refer us to others as well as call us for any potential future projects they might decide to start like siding, gutters, or have their windows replaced
When you call us asking to make come give you an estimate or a bid we like to make sure we schedule a time that is most convenient for you as the homeowner to be there so you and the estimators can go over all the details of the project, unlike other contractors we do not like to just show up at random unspecified times to give you the estimate for your project. Anytime our sales staff need to come out to the house for more information, details, or to go over anything with the project we will always make sure to schedule it to work with your schedule.
Giving you an solid estimate for your project is important so you know how much you will be paying from the first day and you will not have to worry about us changing the price after you sign the contract or halfway through the project, while other contractors might do this to try and make themselves extra money, we pride ourselves on being different from other contractors in rockwall by always being upfront and honest with our customers and the price of the materials and labor.
With any and all work we do, between roofing, siding, gutters, or windows we have a five year labor warranty on any and all jobs we do and on all the materials we use the manufacturer offer limited lifetime warranties, if you have any questions about these warranties please call our office to ask us about the details of the warranties and what all they cover. If there is anything wrong with the materials that could have been from the manufacturer then it will be covered by the warranty, but always call us and check to see if it was a manufacturing issue or a labor issue so we can know how to handle and approach the situation.
We have over 150 five star google reviews and video reviews detailing what our customers love about our company and what a good job we did on their roofing, siding, gutter, and window projects. Please visit our google review, and our website to see more pictures of our work and call our office at 903-456-9956 to schedule an appointment.