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Let’s talk about vinyl siding, today here at Roofing and Siding Smiths. Your roofer Greenville Texas. We actually started out as siding Smiths. And so we’re very well equipped to meet all your siding needs. But I want to talk about how that as your siding contractor Greenville Texas, that we can meet a certain needs or vinyl siding that other signings don’t meet. So let’s throw it out and talk about how the vinyl siding is different than wood siding or engineer siding. So vinyl siding, uh, has been around for a long time and, uh, we have three different levels. So we have kind of like an economy, a middle on a top of the line package, and all three levels come with a limited lifetime warranty. So that’s one thing to keep in mind. Uh, and so also at a base level, all vinyl siding that we use has the color, um, extruded through the entire product.

So it’s not just like a coating, it’s actually made into and baked into the entire product. So the, one of the biggest parks with vinyl siding here at Roofing and Siding Smiths, your siding contractor Greenville Texas. The biggest part is that once we put this system on your home, you never have to paint again. And so it’s very low maintenance. You just rinse the product off with a water hose. It doesn’t even have to be a pressure washer. You can just turn around while you’re watering the plants, knock the dirt off of it. ,f you keep the dirt knocked down, that’ll prohibit a mold growth because it doesn’t grow on the Vinyl self very well. And so one of the biggest reasons we have people purchase vinyl siding is because I just don’t want to paint anymore. They’re tired of rotting wood and the maintenance aspect of the painting.

Another great part is that are top of the line package, comes with form fitting insulation. But with that in mind, actually all of our packages include insulation and so you get our value added to your home, which means energy efficiency. This brings a value to the system that no other siding brands because our value is much higher than just you did wood siding or Hardy board siding. So as your siding contractor Greenville Texas, here at Roofing and Siding Smiths, we love, um, the value that this product brings because it’s, you get the energy with the low maintenance. And so once you make this initial investment, your home exterior is, I’m basically done as far as maintenance goes for the rest of the time you own the home. And then again, our top of the line package, comes with a form fitting installation so you get the R-value and then also helps with impact resistance.

So if something hits the wall, hail, your kids, bicycles, a baseball, somebody less likely to crack or break. And that’s something that many people worry about with the vinyl siding. There is no one siding that’s perfect. Uh, wood rots. Um, uh, the fiber cement, uh, one of the brands is Hardy board. It can crack as the house shifts. It’s very hard to replace individual pieces because you just keep damaging them along the wall. Um, it’s also is not actual some yet. It’s fibered, which means that if it gets wet that it’ll, um, disintegrate or flake off. And a vinyl siding is not Bulletproof, but if you take care of it and you pay attention to it. Um, we’ve worked on homes that had at last, uh, over 50 years and the engineering behind us today is tremendously better than it was 50 years ago.

So we feel really confident when we sell somebody a vinyl siding package. And so, uh, to start our structure, uh, insulated panels are what we love to sell first. This is our top of the line package. This is the, the siding that carries the formfitting insulation and it’s just a really neat product and we’re signing nerds. We can actually tell when this is on a home from the road. It just, the insulation being built into it makes it a more sturdy, rigid panel at Pop’s. It also has the deepest, um, bands and shapes to it. So you get that aesthetic appeal from the road as well as the shape of the siding is more pronounced. It has so many color options so you’re not going to be limited. Uh, we haven’t found anyone who couldn’t find a color in this series that they weren’t going to be happy with.

We, we pair this with our, uh, Ventura hidden vent soffit. And so this goes on the overhang of the house. Um, your soffit is the underneath side of the overhang and your facial board is the facing. You see, a lot of times it has the gutters on it, but the venture hidden vent soffit, uh, we love to use this here at Roofing and Siding Smiths your siding contractor Greenville Texas, because it ventilates your attic space, but you don’t see these ugly louvered vans or perforated panels. So statically it just looks amazing and it provides the same, um, support to your roof as something that you can see the holes in. Uh, you really have to see it to know exactly what it does and the design and shape of it also looks amazing. Most people, the soffit on their house is just a plywood that’s been ripped down to fit.

And with this system, it adds, uh, groves every three in one 30 inches. And that just really makes the overhanging your house pop and look really fantastic here at roofing and siding Smiths, your Roofer dream will Texas siding contractor Greenville Texas. We love the structure insulated siding system paired with the ventura hidden vent soffit and then middle of the road great panel as the carved wood series. Um, this is basically the same panel as the structure insulated except for we use a three quarter inch foam board that’s installed first and then we install the siding. So you’re still getting the insulation and the R value but you do not get the impact resistance help that you do with the insulated panels. We install carved wood by itself for many years and people have loved the look and the finished product. It also comes with several color options.

You won’t be disappointed and what it offers a firm that it looks great, um, it hangs really well. Um, and it will add tremendous value to your home and you still get the low maintenance. And we have our baseline. If, if your budget is the main reason you’re doing this, we have what’s called the Millcreek series. It’s just a little bit of a thinner panel and the a shape and size of it’s not as pronounced. Well this, this panel comes in about 15 different colors, so you’re still not, uh, limited too much. Uh, it just doesn’t have quite as many variations. And we pair this product with our pro select soffit, which still brings some shape and design the aesthetic appeal to the overhang of your house. It’s a double file panel, meaning that every five inches it has a groove and a design to it, but the vets are perforated, so you’re still helping your attic out in.

What we do a lot of times is we’ll cut additional holes in your soffit that you didn’t have before. So we’re able to bring more ventilation to your attic system, which keeps your temperatures down in the summer and protects your shingles and makes them last longer. And that’s one of the parts of Roofing and Siding Smith’s, your roofer, Greenville, Texas siding contractor Greenville Texas, is that we do all of these home exteriors ourselves. We’re fully equipped to take care of your roof, your siding, your windows, and your gutters. And we know how it all works together. So call us today for your free estimate. (903) 456-9956 roofing and siding Smiths, roofer, Greenville, Texas signing contracts or Greenville, Texas on a visit our website and check out our photo